Chapter 12

As the days dragged into weeks, his behavior became more intense. He became increasingly violent and constantly warned her that if she left he would find her and kill her. Any deviation from his rules was punished by beatings or a period of incarceration in the cupboard. He often attached her to an overhead beam and left her suspended for hours on end. Another form of punishment he devised was to give her an electric shock. He stripped the insulation from one end of an electrical extension cord and would hold the bare wires against her chain and watch as she struggled to escape the current. He fed her sporadically and kept her naked. She often had sex with him and his friend Tony.

When she missed her period again, James forced her to take another test, which came out negative. He was convinced that it was giving false results. Believing that she was pregnant he seemed to soften, and even brought the television upstairs for her to watch movies.

She was watching something when Tony visited the room. He had never been allowed to come in her, except in her ass, and now that James believed she was pregnant Tony wasn’t allowed to touch her at all.

“What are you watching?” he asked getting onto the bed with her. “Looks interesting.”

She moved almost imperceptibly away from him as he crept nearer. He ran his fingertips over her knee and started to creep under her dress. She sat up, tucking her hair behind her ears.

“Where’s James?” she asked.

“He’s down in the basement doing something.” He leaned in closely, pushing his hand up her inner thigh. “You want to fuck for a bit?”

He laughed at her blank, frightened look.

“Don’t!” She grabbed his hand to stop it from going any further, but he kept pushing it up. He went straight for her mouth, mashing his mouth hard over hers. He forced her to the bed and then mounted her, violating her, pressing his hand over her mouth to stifle her screams. He seemed hesitant to come inside her, and after a few pumps pulled out, and came down her throat. He clutched her face and forced her to swallow.

“Don’t go shooting your fucking mouth off to James about this.” He slapped her head. He left again as quickly as he came.

She switched off the television and was lying on her side when James walked in later. The pillow under her head had no cover because he had stripped off the pillowcases to wash them, but then forgot.

“What’s wrong with you?” he asked. “This place is a shithole.” He kicked a pile of dirty clothes on the floor, then stooped down searching for socks. He looked at her again. “What the fuck is wrong with you now?”

He got on the bed, kneeling astride her, and gave her a tap on the back of the head. “Hey, what’s wrong with you?”

“He did it again,” she murmured.

“He’s been fucking around with you?”

She winced when he stuck his hand under her dress, feeling to check her, as if he hadn’t believed her. “He won’t do it again, baby. I’ll break his fingers.”

“That’s what you said last time.” She stared at the wall. She wouldn’t looked at him. “What day is it?”

He rubbed his eyes. “Thursday, I think.”

She had lost track of days. Her life before this seemed a dreamed. She felt like this was her world now. She didn’t know how worse it was going to get.

He lifted her dress and bent and kissed her pussy, putting his hand on her belly to be closer to the baby he thought was in there.


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