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What is a linguist?

What is a linguist? Why do I call my blog The Linguist on Language? Why did I call my book

The Way of the Linguist?

Every so often someone comments on my blog about that fact that I am not a linguist, since I have not studied linguistics.

So let me be clear. I have read a few books and articles about linguistics. I am not interested. I do not find the hair-splitting and categorization of the phenomena of language that takes place in linguistics to be interesting. It certainly does not help me learn languages.

So why do I call the blog The Linguist on Language? Because I use the term “linguist” in the sense of the first definition provided by the Oxford dictionary. I believe we are all potential linguists.


The Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English | 2009

lin·guist / ?linggwist/ • n. 1. a person skilled in foreign languages. 2. a person who studies linguistics.


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