Frank Peterson was kicking hard the moment he took Alice Compton into his new apartment.

Alice’s lovely, willowy form hesitated as she turned to face him. Her lovely brown eyes frowned in open indecision. Her unnatural prudishness was already constructing a wall of resistance between them, as if afraid he just might fuck the shit out of her.

This was the only woman he’d ever known since sexual maturity who could stop him short of screwing. Before meeting Alice, he’d never bothered with a female who wouldn’t put out at least by the third date.

Love did strange things to a man.

Three months without a real sex-bout made Frank wish Alice was like Joanne – at least at this moment.

Joanne’s excited fingers would already be boldly making his throbbing cock naked. In seconds she’d be sucking deliciously on its end. By the time her lips had finished with it, his cum would have been gulped down her throat. That would be only the beginning of an all-night session.

Alice was afraid of sex.

Even Dee Compton, her sister, would be now wiggling the tight, molded cheeks of her young fanny at him; or maybe mini-skirted thighs parted wide enough to see her sensually aroused pussy lips. She was young, eager to learn – eager to do anything.

Barbara, his secretary, loved having it Greek style and her ass really knew how to screw a man’s cocked up prick.

But it was Joanne who was best of all, she dug the whole wild orgasmic scene!

All this ran through his mind as he looked lustfully at Alice, who would be his wife after he got a promotion. Any other woman would by now be fucking her future husband.

But not Alice Compton.

They’d just come from a delicious meal, with cocktails before and after. Frank was slightly drunk from liquor and passion and wanted to top the date in the most natural way.

Even Mildred – the middle-aged manager – would be a heavenly hole to screw around in! She’d made it pretty obvious about wanting to take on his hard prick. Connie had laughingly told him she was a lush. Connie should know!

The revealing sight of Alice’s swelling, nicely shaped breasts, boldly exposed by the deep, low cut of the neckline sent a throbbing spasm through his cock. Alice had some kind of subconscious quirk that caused her to wear clothes that teased a man’s desires.

The pants and shorts pressing around his swollen cock seemed far too tight – as if the cloth had shrunk.

He should rip that dress off Alice, finger or suck or screw her pussy no matter how she fought. If it wasn’t because of the love between them, he’d do just that. All the way home Alice had been talking nervously about the apartment in a way that led to an argument over the childishly prudish sexual limits she had imposed upon them.

This had developed in Frank a mental, emotional state of near crazed passion. For the first time in months, Frank wondered how long he could keep from cheating on Alice.

There was so much pussy hanging out to be fucked.

Automatically his mind pictured Joanne Davis’ body, nakedly kneeling before him, lips moistly sucking on his cock.

Joanne was one of the most oral females he’d ever known and just looking at her mouth always tempted him. Only because he was engaged to Alice were things kept at a mere teasing, through serious, flirtation. Just the other day Joanne had whispered in his ear, “God, Frank, if you ever need it, I’d do anything to fuck you dry!” That was the way Joanne talked, yet she wasn’t a vulgar slut. Oddly enough it had always sounded natural and even delightful to listen to her speak about sex in such a manner.

Images of having her suck him off, then screwing her pussy now drove Frank’s sexual needs to the point where it would be impossible to control himself. Even with Alice.

For a moment he almost told her to leave.

Instead, noting the worried frown on her pretty face, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

She moved delicate fingers through the short black hair and said, “Oh, nothing, really.”

It all sounded very casual, but they knew one another too well.

“…come on. This is silly.” Though it wasn’t. She’d already noticed his bulky erection. He needed sex, even a mere jerking-off would at least give him relief. But this was as far as Alice ever went.

Slightly angered by the frightened look in Alice’s eyes, Frank grabbed for her. She immediately stepped back.

“Damn it! What the hell does that mean? I’m not going to rape you!”

Mentally he added, but maybe that’s what you need!

He was literally shaking, actually frightened about what might happen.

No wonder Alice looked scared! A woman learned to know her man.

A few weeks ago he’d laid Barbara, but it seemed like years ago. It was the last fucking snatch he’d had. Later, Frank felt guilty for having taken Barbara. His strange sense of morality would willingly accept as many cunts that willingly gave out, if he wasn’t seriously involved with any single woman. While dating Joanne Davis some years back, they’d carried on quite a wild, passionate affair. She’d been enough to blow any man’s cock beyond interest in other sex kittens. Not until starting to date Alice, his boss’ oldest daughter, had Frank remained loyal to a sexless romance. The result of having fucked Barbara, while wanting Alice, intensified his relationship with the older Compton sister. They’d had a serious talk the next day and he’d learned she wasn’t against manually relieving him. But that confession came only after his admission of love.

He had met Alice while casually dating her younger sister, Dee. Bill Compton, their brother, was a stud-artist he’d met at several sex parties. Dee was introduced to him at one. He didn’t know her age then, though he learned that her young, ripe body was hot for any kind of sex experience.

Once, when picking Dee up at her parents’ home, Bill was introduced to Alice, who had stopped by for a visit. Alice lived at an apartment for singles only. The implications were inviting. Frank’s interest in Dee faded and focused on Alice. Even while waiting for Dee, Frank managed to get Alice’s phone number.

His first dates with her exposed him to some other young female swingers at the apartment. Connie Brown had offered a sexually pleasing afternoon and he took the day ff to discover what kind of lay Connie might be.

But once things became serious between him and Alice, Frank stopped playing around. Weeks passed with nothing but sexually frustrating dates, then came that one session with Barbara. It was a turning point that locked Frank completely to Alice.

Now, Frank realized, this was another turning point.

Looking at Alice, he said, “How long do you think we can go on like this?”

“Please, Frank – do we have to argue about it again?” she pleaded, starting to back away, her eyes on the bulging thrust of his aching cock.

He needed a blowjob, a screwing pussy or fucking ass – anything but the childish, teasing sex-games Alice had limited them to.

His mood was at a peak, impossible to hold off any longer. There were too many women willing to fuck him. Joanne Davis would leap at the chance to screw him silly. Thoughts of Joanne made him realize the advantages of taking her offer. His boss, Roger Compton, Alice’s father – a screwing bastard – dug the way Joanne turned on to any man’s cock.

These conflicting thoughts were driving through Frank’s mind as he stared lustfully at Alice.

If she didn’t fuck him, the long dry period without a woman would come to an end. So far she refused with the excuse of waiting until they married. He didn’t feel capable of supporting a wife until getting a promotion. Alice would never ask her father for anything – they weren’t on very good speaking terms. Old man Compton didn’t give a damn about his daughter enough to offer a helping hand to the man she wanted to marry.

But Joanne was something else, and when she turned on full force with his cock, his mind was totally twisted around her lustful sex acts. Oddly enough, it was highly possible for Joanne, as a part-time mistress and full-time secretary, to accomplish what she couldn’t as a daughter.

All Frank had to do was ask Joanne. She’d do anything for him. But such a conversation required privacy, and that meant an apartment.

He was exhilarated by what would happen if he actually found himself in Joanne’s clutches. She was too much of a woman – coming on too strong.

He’d be laid!

Sudden desperation caused Frank to yank Alice into his anus.

For a moment she hesitated before melting submissively and becoming aware of his cock grinding on her, frighteningly large.

Alice’s mind experienced the wild conflict of fear and passion. She realized it was a mistake to come into his new apartment. Frank had simply offered to show her the place.

Yet something inside Alice always had drawn he to temptation, like a moth to light. She’d had to fight to control that side of her nature, the part that continued to move her into a situation where the decision would be out of her hands.

That thought terrified her.

His lips covered hers, gently, then more passionately as they parted. It was impossible to ignore his tongue. She began greedily devouring, sucking almost brutally, hating herself, loving Frank.

It wasn’t until she felt Frank’s fingers touching her breast, attempting to find its nipple, that Alice’s excitement reached the dangerous point.

She had worn a black evening gown, with a built-in bra, cut low in front: a mistake.

It wasn’t that she feared Frank. So far he’d respected her, but she felt sick at frustrating his natural desires. They were in love and, considering the moral ethic of the times, should be intimate lovers. But she also rebelled violently to giving herself to any man.

If Frank only knew how much she wanted to marry him and do all the things he so desired, to willingly cooperate in any act of sex. Yet even as his wife, Alice realized it might be impossible to do anything of an exotic nature. She knew all about the other acts – even incest.

Her brother, Bill, had mined all chances of welcoming any mature relationship with a lover.

She suddenly tensed as Frank’s fingers lightly discovered her nipple, which lifted under the caress.

“No – please!” she pleaded, attempting to draw away.

Furious, Frank thrust his fingers up under her short skirt, as if attempting to ram them through the thin panties. He was like some total stranger.

It was then she noticed he’d opened his pants. The shape of his large cock arching upwards gave Alice a thrilling sense of rapture. It was a beautiful prick to touch and caress. Her feelings only proved she was, at least, biologically normal.

Maybe, she thought, almost as if praying – with Frank, when he married her – maybe somehow God would lift the block that always stopped her.

How she wanted to touch his cock. How many times, in the bathroom, fingering herself in a mental state of anguished guilt had she thought about it?

Alice was bottled-up by what her brother had forced her to do one afternoon.

For only an instant Alice hesitated to passionately jerk on Frank’s cock. First, her mind re-lived that moment when Bill had forced his prick into her mouth and kept it there until he released his cum. She’d never told anyone for the very same reason he’d been able to blackmail her into such a perverse sexual act of incest.

Alice was now panting, almost having an orgasm, her fingers locked tightly about Frank’s cock, pumping faster and faster while at the same time her thoughts became tormented with sick memories of forced sex relations with her brother.

Bill had accidentally walked into the bathroom when she was vigorously thrusting three fingers into her tortured cunt, sexually at the peak of orgasm. She didn’t even realize he was there until coming down from that climax. What followed was a scene Alice had managed to partly blot out of her mind. The shame of discovery, the fear of what people would say, what her parents would do, was her overwhelming emotional honor. Bill laughingly related how he’d detail every deliciously sexy thing she’d been doing, unless she cooperated with him. He knew his sister too well. And the bluff worked. Having seen her in such a lustfully naked state had aroused him. Bill was just the kind of male beast that didn’t care who he fucked – a woman was just cunt to screw or a mouth to suck his prick. Even his sisters were nothing more or less. He’d openly admitted his desire to lay their mother. Thank God it would never happen. This was one perversion that poor lush didn’t have.

The only thing Alice really remembered was the emotional shock and shame that made it possible for Bill to force her to give him a blowjob. After threatening her, he’d opened his pants to reveal the first erected cock she’d ever seen. Alice had to go on her knees before him. Bill gripped her head by his powerful hands, telling her what to do. She’d been forced to let him shove his hard prick into her mouth and then he slowly moved in and out between moist lips. He’d forced her to lick and suck him. His cock was held tightly buried in her, pulsing hot, the end thrust deep against her throat as it spurted large amounts of warm jizz repeatedly. It was impossible to keep that cum from trickling down her throat.

Oddly enough, Bill hadn’t done anything other than force her to wash him clean. He’d never tried to have any form of sexual relations with her after that. Possibly because Dee was his counterpart and he directed his incest desires toward her. Alice’s sister was a cooperative student. There wasn’t anything she could do about the situation. But when Dee asked to move in her apartment, she felt there was a chance of changing the younger girl’s moral attitudes. It was a hopeless situation. Alice was on the verge of giving up.

All these thoughts flashed through her mind while still aware of Frank’s cock. She loved to feel his cum in her hands. His cock and his stimulation of her clit drove Alice into more frantic jerking on that thrillingly hard cock. It was pulsing, near climax.

Frank’s voice was thick with passion when he said, “Alice, please… in the bedroom… please.”

He wasn’t the kind of man to plead for anything. The torture of that voice stabbed her. For a moment she was tempted.

Then her fingers slowly released his shaft. Dazed, sick at doing so, Alice forced him away from her, rearranging the skirt and upper part of the black gown so that it covered her shapely breasts.

“Maybe I’d better go home,” she said in a startlingly cold voice.

Frank’s face blanched and he leaped like a savage animal, throwing her bodily onto the floor, brutally ramming a knee between her thighs before they could close. “Goddamn! I…” His voice choked off, but the look in those wild eyes finished the statement.

For only an instant Alice felt a sense of emotional relief. If he raped her now, maybe the torment that had anguished her with guilt and fears would finally be over.

Alice knew, instinctively, this was the only way she’d ever be able to submit the first time – maybe even as a bride.

Then Frank’s voice demanded in a low, emotionless tone, “Finish what you started or so help me I’ll rape you!”

Alice felt relieved now. She was thankful that he wasn’t going to rape her, yet disappointed that it wouldn’t finally happen.

“Oh crap!” Frank cursed.

Without a word he stood up, zipped his slacks and walked out of the apartment.

An hour later Frank found himself sitting in a bar, half drunk. He didn’t even remember having driven to the place, which he immediately recognized as a bar in Santa Monica.

Looking down at his drink, emotionally numb to the point where he just didn’t care any more, he remembered Joanne’s open offer.

It would be cheating on Alice. But did she deserve any consideration?

Frank rationalized that all he’d do was talk, ask if she might be able to find a way to urge – or even force – Roger Compton into giving him a much-needed promotion. The manager’s job was up for grabs and Frank knew he’d be able to handle the position – probably better than any other man working for the firm. That would certainly solve the problem of Alice’s refusal to fuck; as his wife, she couldn’t turn him down. He could live quite happily with that.

As Frank dialed Joanne’s number, he knew the woman would lay him. He happily embraced the idea. She’d take the moral decision out of his hands.

So much for love!