The size of his extended cock thrusting out of his opened slacks sent a well-remembered shiver through Joanne Davis’ spine. She felt the first tingling tease in her groin. The sensitive nerves of her full, red lips started to bum with a natural hunger for that meaty crown.

That was Joanne for you. She was always hungry for something.

When Frank had called from a bar, asking if she was free, the throaty reply inviting him over had wordlessly stated she was hot to be screwed.

What now startled Frank was he’d instantly forgotten all problems and frustrations about Alice and what had happened earlier. Time had leaped back three years. It was as if he’d never stopped his highly lustful affair with Joanne.

When he arrived, the minute the door closed, Joanne’s voluptuous body clutched frantically to his. The deep, almost orgasm-giving kiss lasted long enough for Joanne’s fingers to slip between their bodies. She brazenly pulled on his zipper. Moist lips sucked hard on his tongue, filling her mouth in the same manner she would hungrily gulp his prick like so many times before, her overwhelming hunger for a man’s cock and balls now caused her feathery fingers to locate the only object she had ever worshipped with complete passion.

Unlike even over-sexed women, there was nothing subtle about Joanne once she’d broken down all the walls to intimacy with a man – which was usually the first lime out. Frank still remembered how she’d ripped his pants open and feasted passionately on his cock when they were parked outside her apartment during their first date.

“Oh, God, Frank, how I’ve wanted you like this for so long! You’ve always been the best!” Her thumb was circling lightly against his cock, her fingers gently squeezing rhythmically. Her swelling, firm breasts heaved in response to the quickly building passion impelling her towards lack of control. Those green eyes signaled that her pussy was screwing-hot.

But Joanne was much too oral.

The room was dimly lighted and the modem furnishing mere hard shadows. Low music, with a gently rocking Latin beat was only neutral background to the erotic caressing of impatient fingers worshipping Frank’s pulsing cock.

“You’re so fucking hard!” She almost laughed in girlish delight. “So thick, hot and beautifully long!”

Frank automatically slipped a hand down to where the red mini-skirt just covered her crotch. He knew what he would find under the material. His fingertips searched along the naked, moist line of her hot pussy. The lips felt wet enough to easily welcome the biggest cock in the world.

“Finger-fuck it!” Her eyes froze in open rapture on his hard cock. “Oh, screw me like this – dressed. Oh, that sounds delicious.”

Then, her tongue running over full lips, she cried, “Crap, you’re big. The biggest damned cocked-up fucking rock prick!”

Obviously, his cock was too much for Joanne. She always began licking her lips before sucking a man. Panting, breasts heaving, she shivered all over.

He was suddenly twitching in his own excitement as her gripping fingers raced along the straining pressure of his prick. Her caressing thumb played with the moist crown, which fired him to a point of erotic pain.

Joanne wanted to play out a slow tease, as if savoring the torture before finally devouring the wine of his cum.

Normally her mouth would now be stuffed with his throbbing cock.

Frank’s finger entered the dewy place between the extended lips of her moist, sensually hot cunt, quickly pressing the swollen clit. He rapidly caressed it. Her instant, soft moan immediately announced the great pleasure this gave.

“My blouse,” she almost sobbed, still playfully holding his arched shaft, which she fondled relentlessly. Her other hand slithered frantically into Frank’s jocks, cupping his sensitive balls, first palming, then eagerly squeezing. Frank knew that in moments he might easily be covering those hands with a gushing cum.

He began lowering the open blouse from her soft, creamy shoulders, exposing cone-shaped big tits.

“Just rip…” She jerked away, sobbing, a gasp of lust coming from parted lips. He stood there crazed as she tore at the blouse with shaking hands. Then Joanne was down on her knees, arms embracing Frank’s hips, mouth smothered against his red-hot cock, her tongue licking all its thrusting length.

Then her wet lips cupped the meaty head. Joanne was beyond control. It had always been like that when she had a cock in her mouth.

Moist, silken lips sucked violently on his throbbing cock. First she seemed content to merely devour the fleshy crown, licking the tip from which he would finally offer her willing throat its jizz.

She started gulping as if in a spastic fit. Then, with her head thrashing wildly, her lips clamped tight, becoming a velvet-moistened vice locked around his prick. She was all but chewing on it in an effort to stuff her throat with its bulk.

Her head movement caused his cock to slide wildly in and out of the slippery cushions of those commanding lips.

He was almost certain he’d come when Joanne gulped greedily, swallowing his shaft even deeper. Her silky mouth was now firmly walled against Frank’s cock. Keeping him pressed against her throat, she began to suck him harder. They were almost violent tugs on his flesh, the pleasure accented by her wet tongue rhythmically licking the foreskin. Almost slurping, gurgling sounds counter pointed the frenzied action of that oral embrace. Near orgasm, Joanne was desperately attempting to suck the juices from Frank’s hard, meaty cock, which cruelly held back the drink she now needed so desperately.

Joanne was at a peak of orgasm, body tense, breasts shivering when she felt the swift, bulging swell thickening his cock. It was time to give her the cum she craved.

Then he felt the flowing river of liquid fire spurting down his cock. The spasms of orgasm moved him violently in her mouth. His hot cunt was shooting in pulsating spurts against the back of her throat, and she gulped it down in ecstatic pleasure.

Joanne shuddered in responsive rapture to swallowing his jism.

Only after several minutes was Joanne able to move. Her lips slowly glided back along the still-erect cock, which she nipped and gently sucked upon when reaching the lip. Her tongue licked lovingly on it, wanting to discover more of the delicious cum; as if fearful she’d be cheated of even one drop.

After a moment, puffing with content, Joanne’s lips released him.

“Frank,” Joanne’s voice whispered weakly as she stood, “I almost pissed, so help me!” They held one another in a loving tender embrace before she stepped away. A trembling hand urged him towards the bedroom, in which a large, dominating king size bed, sheets drawn back, seemed to invite more wild screwing.

“You taste good,” Joanne announced, eyes filled with seductive tenderness, close to love. “But then, I always did like a man’s juicy cum.”

Joanne had always loved to talk in the most blatantly crude way about sex. It was part of her nature. Sex talk was to Joanne caressing love-words, almost like those of a great romantic poet.

“I think it’s wonderful sucking cum. I can never make up my mind where I want it most. A cock feels so fucking good screwing my pussy, or fucking Greek-style and, yet that hot come taste.”

She shrugged, as if frustrated by a lack of words expressive enough to relate exactly how she felt.

Now, instead of talking, Joanne started to help Frank undress. Sensitive fingertips caressed his flesh. It was obvious that Joanne had no plans of giving him even a chance to talk until sexually exhausted. For most women, conversation came first.

Not with Joanne.

When Joanne’s warm, naked body merged against his in their first real full embrace, Frank realized how much he’d needed a sexual outlet. Her blowjob had hardly strained his ability to respond.

God, he thought, pleased, it might even be possible to satisfy Joanne’s greedy hungers.

“You feel good, this way, too,” she announced, contented against him, letting her thigh thrust between his legs and play sensually on his cock.

Their lips met and the rapid tonguing lifted his cock like a hard, iron pole.

His prick twitched violently as it made contact with the fleecy hair covering her love-cave. The heated moisture and soft, eager flesh was like electric fire breathing against him.

She sensuously moved slightly back and forth so his cock was rubbing between her extended pussy lips. He could stand it no longer and, gripping her hips, lifted Joanne, who moved on tiptoe to help him. His cock felt her moist cunt and easily entered it.

Joanne’s legs circled him and her arms embraced his shoulders. Now she made those delicate, delicious movements with his cock inserted deep in her cunt.

“Just come, fast,” she breathed against his lips. Then she dragged his tongue deep into a sucking kiss.

Their bodies driven to a quick peak, they were now rapidly jerking.

Then he felt the pressure, the last moment of swelling before orgasm. Joanne screamed, “Your fucking cock is killing me! I-I’m…” Her throat was constricting and he felt her cunt convulsing. They climaxed simultaneously.

Immediately, eager to rest, they parted and then were lying together. It wouldn’t be long before it started all over again.

Frank realized he could hardly wait.

Finally, Joanne said, “How about pussy-sucking before I really fuck your cock? Maybe you need a little working up to fill those sexy balls.”

“Joanne, you’re the only woman in the world who can talk like some screwball whore and make it exciting. The only woman I know who doesn’t seem cheap or crude or…”

“Fuck you! Come down and suck pussy!” she invited, lying on the bed and parting her firm, smooth thighs, so that the fleecy mound of her cunt was visible, the lips extended and moist. There was no question that Joanne had experienced an orgasm when giving that wild blowjob on his hard shaft.

When Frank approached the parted lips of her swollen pussy, Joanne cried in protest, “Get that damn fucking prick in my face, you crazy nut!”

He swung around until his thighs straddled Joanne’s head. Frank’s tongue played on her silky stomach, teasing the tucked-in navel, then slowly progressed towards the warm moisture of her aroused cunt. Joanne’s fingers started lightly caressing his limp prick.

“Your dick is so red, soft, hot. Oh, so thrillingly big, so much sex-meat.” The words began breathing against his slowly responding cock as he discovered her warm, moist pussy lips. Tongue probing deep, searching out her sensitive clit, Frank became totally enveloped in damp lips and squeezing hands. Joanne’s mouth started slowly, sensually, lingeringly stroking up and down his cock with her mouth.

It was a signal that she wanted things to last a long time, and Frank became totally responsive to her wishes, letting his lips and tongue move lovingly over her, lightly sucking, gently probing.

After the frustrations caused by Alice, Joanne was an orgasmic Goddess from some mythical land of sex worshippers.

If Alice just wasn’t so hung-up! She was totally different from the other members of the family. Frank knew too much about them through her brother. The Comptons were open about sex, though different in some basic ways. The old man, Frank’s boss, screwed any woman willing to put out. Joanne had served as a cooperative partner, but that was the norm for this woman. Sylvia Compton had, over the years, become a drunken lush and in revenge for her husband’s extra-marital affairs, threw it around at any young man who might be ambitious enough to please her. With that kind of home, it wasn’t surprising that their children would turn into sexual odd balls. Bill certainly showed every sign of turning into a worse bastard than his father. Frank felt sorry for Dee, being seventeen and too young to understand what a damn fool she was making of herself. Dee swung in order to learn what it was all about. Only Alice was different, close to being a sick prude.

Such thoughts slashed through Frank’s mind like swift snapshots, which he consciously ignored.

Joanne’s hungry lips were the only things that made this possible.

As his cock began to swell inside her moist oral embrace, Frank raised his body, anticipating an orgasm.

Joanne wanted to be dominated. She wanted to be the submissive female assaulted forcefully by a man’s hard cock. She wanted a male body ramming savagely between her legs.

How long they had been playing at the sixty-nine position, Frank could only guess. It must have been quite a while, because he was ready to come. It was going to be very good.

They were almost wildly insane as their bodies surged together.

“Rape my fucking pussy!” she screamed. “Rape it hard and good with your screwing, fat prick!”

Then he felt her touch his cock and knew exactly how great it really would be. She was the hottest female he’d ever known and at a peak of passion. When Joanne Davis was on that level of stimulation, it took a master to control the sex-bout to follow.

With total modesty, Frank knew he’d learned to be a master – at least with her – from long experience.

What followed left no room for any awareness other than the woman’s body under his.