Joanne had just latched the lock on the door at Roger Compton’s office, as commanded, when the forty-three-year-Old man unzipped his pants with a look of almost foolish anticipation on his thick lips.

“Look,” he announced, exposing a tall, erect cock.

Joanne turned and watched as Roger let his pants fall to the floor around thick, hairy legs. He wasn’t really a bad-looking man for his age, if you dug stocky, middle-aged males. The only thing Joanne ever found groovy about any male was his hard prick.

She frantically attempted to figure a way to work Frank into the conversation, either before or after the sex started. An anguished pain laced through her body. Frank was the only man who had sparked her emotions. But it was useless to consider marriage. No prick had ever been able to keep up with her. Frank wasn’t the kind who could live with a wife that cheated on him.

“Come and get me!” her boss instructed, slipping up on the edge of the desk, thighs spread, erected cock sticking up in blazing invitation.

A shiver ran down Joanne’s spine. Any cock made her pussy surge with desire.

Slowly, Joanne stepped forward, noting that it was already getting dark outside. The room was only dimly lighted, but it was easy to see the fleshy head of his cock, the overly generous foreskin.

As Joanne stopped in front of Roger, he lifted her mini-skirt. His thick, beefy fingers were trembling as they slipped under the cloth, pulling at her pantyhose. In moments he’d be playing with her pussy.

If she wasn’t so hot for sex, the scene would have been funny. But sex wasn’t funny to Joanne; it was a serious part of everyday living.

Her fingers lightly touched his cock, which jerked in response to her caress. Joanne let her hand fold about his prick, aware that Roger had already started pulling her panties down. The first brush of his fingers against her cunt hairs sent a knife of pleasure through its flesh.

Then a finger slipped into Joanne’s cunt, finding the clit and stroking it with skill.

One thing, she realized with pleasure, Roger Compton knew how to fuck.

The prick in Joanne’s hands felt hot and velvety as she slowly, lingeringly moved up a down on it. The bulge at the top felt rubbery and very warm. She thumbed the tip and felt moisture there, which was spread over its end. This dampness excited Joanne. Roger’s finger moving rapidly on her clit caused her passions to heighten and she knew she couldn’t wait. She could always suck him after being fucked with that hard cock.

“Roger,” Joanne managed to say in a husky voice, “I gotta have it!”

He chuckled. “Never saw such a fancy little pussy girl in my life!” He stuck three fingers into her cunt and Joanne moaned, almost jerking on the cock between his legs.

“Come, Baby,” he offered, suddenly standing. “Get on it!”

She didn’t need directions. Immediately she moved to the desk. Her ass resting on the desk, legs sticking out, she thrilled as Roger moved between them. Joanne embraced him with her legs as Roger let his cock settle against her pussy.

“You fucking bastard!” Joanne moaned as his prick started rubbing her cunt. “Fuck me!”

Chuckling, he let his cock draw down along her pussy lips then touch the entrance. Joanne’s legs drew him closer until his cock was quickly inserted into her cunt. The hard prick thrilled her. He wasn’t as big or as long as Frank, but good enough for a sexual snack. Roger had more foreskin than most men, and large balls, too.

Relaxing her legs, Joanne moaned as the man slowly withdrew. Her feet pressed him in again. In such a manner they started the slow, but quickly building movements of sex.

The man’s hands worked up her tight fitting blouse, fingers unlatching the buttons, then finally slipping around to Joanne’s back in order to open her bra. Once her tits were free, Roger began palming the nipples. All the time his cock kept sliding in and out of her pussy, now wet and clutching.

Joanne’s arms embraced his head, fingers sliding under the business jacket he hadn’t taken the time to remove.

Her climax, easily triggered, was near, and the anxious moans of pleasure uttering in rhythm to the fucking cock warned how close she was.

Then suddenly, as Roger pinched her nipples, Joanne sobbed, sucking in air, tensed, and shivered as her cunt experienced a shuddering climax.

Moments later, still gasping, she urged the man out of her, delighted he hadn’t come, yet.

Roger Compton knew how to fuck his secretary and was ready for the oral assault she’d give now.

He planted his feet firmly on the floor, balanced, ready for Joanne, who knelt before him.

Her lips breathed on his throbbing prick, then folded greedily about its head. The generous foreskin thrilled her.

“Suck it good, Baby,” he encouraged in a rasp, hugging her head with trembling hands.

The velvet cock in her mouth tasted like cum. Her tongue moved voluptuously on his moist shaft as more of it entered her mouth.

Joanne thought of Frank’s big cock, as the very base of Roger’s was already surrounded by her lips. She was able to touch the large, knotted balls. Her fingers started to stroke them as she sucked hungrily on the cock.

“Keep it up, Baby!” he moaned, his voice so tense that it was quite obvious that in moments his cock would feed her throat with hot, thick jizz.

Joanne squeezed his balls, then suddenly let her head thrash back and forth between his hairy thighs so the hard shaft moved in and out of her mouth.

When the man tensed, Joanne shoved forward to gulp and suck all of his swelling meat, which grew larger, then started to jerk in quick little spasms as cum flooded out along the shaft and then spurted against the back of her throat.

Joanne gulped, swallowing the jizz with voluptuous pleasure.

Then she drew back as the last of his cum fell from the wet crown. She licked the remainder, her tongue moving quickly against the hole.

Finally she let the softening prick out of her mouth, then stood, cupping its end with one hand.

“Not here. Over at the john!” Roger grunted.

They moved across the room, his cock in her hand.

The small, private bathroom attached to Roger’s office had been used in this manner several times in the past. In fact, they’d fucked in it.

The moment the bathroom was open, Joanne released his cock, placing her hand under the end so that the man could relieve his bladder.

For some moments neither spoke, but just waited. His cock moved a little, then the first drops of piss started to dribble out of his limp prick.

“Honey, oh, honey!” he groaned, squeezing Joanne’s tit, almost hurting it as his cock fountained with the liquid, splattering on her palm, dripping through parted fingers, dropping into the toilet. “Honey, this is pissing great!”

His other hand slipped between Joanne’s thighs, then up against her pussy. He put his fingers into the moist hole there, rubbing the clit as the final river of piss flooded her open palm.

Finished, Roger withdrew from her pussy and started closing his pants. “One of these days, honey, you gotta let me really piss in you!”

Joanne inwardly shuddered at the idea, but said, “We’ll see. Maybe… for a small favor?”

Roger Compton almost jerked around to face her, eyes hard. “A favor? What?”

“Well, you’ve been considering several men for the manager’s position and I can’t think of a better one than Frank Peterson and…”

Roger Compton angrily shook his head. “Joanne, not interested!”


Roger’s harsh voice was startling and for a moment fear traveled down Joanne’s spine.

“Any man who gets a promotion in this firm will do it on his own merit! I don’t know what your relationship with him is right now, but I’m aware you were pretty close some years back!” The man’s voice was cold as steel. “He’ll have to stand on his own… and if I get the impression he’s been trying to get you to put in a good word…”

Joanne shrugged, laughing. “Are you kidding?” She started washing her hands, finding it hard to keep from shaking.

“I like a man with guts! Not one that hides behind a woman’s skirt!” he announced, starting into the office. “When you make up the reports, make certain they are limited to work records, facts not colored by any personal convictions!”

“Don’t worry, Roger, you know me better than that!” Joanne lied.

“Of course, enough to realize a man could con you with his cock!” Crude laughter mocked Joanne.

She felt slightly sick, but realized Roger Compton was right.

It was a little after seven when Joanne reached borne. She was already beginning to feel the desire to have a man – especially Frank with his big meat – to fuck her over and over.

Even though she didn’t want to appear so aggressive, she found herself dialing his apartment number. After the, tenth ring, Joanne hung up and considered dressing in something real slinky and going out to pick up some man. It was probably better that way.

With a sense of bitterness, Joanne tried to convince herself that she was having the best possible life for a nympho.

Then she went into the bedroom to undress and shower before getting ready for an evening of prowling.

When Connie came into the bedroom to wake Bill, he was conscious of footsteps and then fingers playing lightly over his thighs.

Immediately he sat up, staring at Connie’s naked form.

“Come here, babe!” he suggested, “If you want something…”

Even though she stroked his cock, Connie said, “No! You better keep it ready for good-fucking time later. The others are about to arrive.”

The woman stepped away from the bed before Bill could make a grab at her. His hand brushed her round, molded ass, barely touching it. “You’re a sexy bitch!” he cried, bugged by the implication he might not be man enough to fuck cunt all night. “Any way you call it,” she laughed.

Bill leaped from the bed and caught Connie by the shoulder, jerking her around. He crushed her warm body against his. The soft, lush, voluptuous bisexual sent tingling sensations through his groin. He knew he could fuck her silly.

“Bill!” she cried, reaching down to feel his balls. Her fingers slowly lifted them, caressing the swollen cock.

“What do you expect, barging in on a guy like this?”

Bill’s lips covered the woman’s shoulder, and he nipped at the white flesh.

“Give a girl a break!” Connie said, half-heartedly attempting to break away.

“Are you kidding?”

Bill’s lips ran along her throat, up across a smooth cheek, then covered her full, moist mouth.

Her tongue met his, eagerly, as she lightly gripped his erected prick. She lowered its point in order to slip it between warm thighs. Supple flesh squeezed around his shaft, moving sensually back and forth until he was pulled on the tongue pressed into his mouth.

Connie’s full, soft tits pressed against Bill’s chest. Suddenly he wanted to suck tittie.

Withdrawing his tongue from Connie’s mouth, he said, “On the bed!”

“You won’t have enough for tonight,” Connie panted, moving eagerly toward the bed.

“Fuck tonight. Right now I have a hard and something has to be done about it!”

Giggling, Connie slipped onto the bed and grabbed his prick, cupping the balls.

“Wanna frenching?” she asked.

His cock twitched in anticipation. He stood before her, and that was invitation enough.

Connie’s lips parted, then her delicate tongue touched the tip of his cock, flicking all over it.

“You can do better!” he teased, running his fingers through her hair.

It wasn’t necessary to urge Connie’s head forward. It moved automatically so that the head of Bill’s cock was inserted into her mouth. Soft, moist lips encased him, gently sucking.

Impulse changed Bill’s mind. Yanking Connie’s head away, almost brutally, he shoved her back on the bed.

“On your stomach!” he ordered.

His tight hand was urging her to roll over, but she immediately complied, and once her ass rose, Bill gripped it with his hands, lifting. Her ass-cheeks surged toward his extended cock, and with one skillful move, he thrust into her hot pussy which folded anxiously about his hard prick.

“Crap, that feels good!” Connie moaned.

Like a savage beast, Bill started ramming himself in and out of her cunt, not caring if she experienced any pleasure. He needed to fuck pussy; to spill his cum and withdraw.

Connie’s ass trembled with every impact. Her cunt was as buttery as any he’d ever felt, clutching in such a manner that it became obvious that Connie wanted it fast and hard, too.

Her gasps accented every penetration. As he bulged bigger in that compressed, wet hold, Connie sucked in a deep anguished gasp, slamming her ass back to get all of his cock inside her grasping pussy.

At that point, Bill let it rip through his prick, filling Connie’s pussy with spurting jizz.

As the last spasm trembled through Bill’s cock, he fell almost brutally on top of Connie, unable to move. One thought troubled him: could he make the scene with more women tonight?

After some lime he rolled off Connie, who quickly got up, grinning.

“What a hot fuck that was!” she exclaimed.

“I needed it,” he said weakly, trying to convince himself there would be plenty of sexual juices left to pass out to other girls.

“Maybe you need rest… again,” Connie said, patting his balls.

“A little meat – sex-meat or beef – will get it up again,” he bragged.

“After what you’ve gone through, honey, no one would blame you for copping out!” Connie smiled, stepping away. “I better get into something that comes off… fast.”

“Why bother?”

“Can’t make the other girls and guys feel out of place until the screwing starts!” she observed, looking at herself in the minor. “I’m pretty, aren’t I?”

“Fucking beautiful!” Bill said. But his mind was wandering. “Ever been pissed on?”

Connie turned, open-mouthed. “You kidding?”

“Hell, our old manager digs that the most. She loves to get her big fat cunt pissed in! Likes drinking it all down, too.”

He laughed, but again his thought shifted, thinking of how thrilling it would be to fuck the sex out of his mother. How he wanted that pussy in the worst way.

Connie’s laughter filled the room, bringing him back to the present. “I’ve never tried that, but, who knows. I’ve tried everything else, just about.”

“Any time, Connie, I’ll give you a full bladder of piss.”

“You’re sick and wicked.” But Connie was mocking. Her eyes still studied her mature, voluptuous body.

“Call me anything but sick.”

“So you’re a hot prick, is that better?” Connie inquired.

“Exhausted by a hot pussy!” Bill said, closing his eyes, aware of the fact it would be a while before his cock was able to get on a hard.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“God, I better get into something, fast!” Connie cried, opening the closet and yanking out a see-through nightie-robe, which she flung on. She called to Dee, “I’ll answer it.”

“Never mind,” Dee answered, “already done.”

“Party’s on,” Bill said, slightly bugged for having screwed Connie. But, he reasoned, it would be fun watching sex for while. After that, his cock would lift up, ready for action.