“Oh, oh, oh, yeah, Freddy!” Cheryl’s voice came to Ginger in an urgent whisper.

Railing over, Ginger saw that Cheryl’s asshole was once again being invaded by Freddy’s flying cock. The shit chute specialist was reaming Cheryl’s big ass cheeks for all he was worth and the two of them were trying to hold back on their ranting and panting to keep from waking her up.

Stiff in every muscle she ever knew she owned, and some she hadn’t guessed, Ginger got out of the bed slowly. Still naked, she walked over to her suitcase and pulled out a pair of underwear. Thinking better of it, she threw the bra back in the case and kept the panties.

Cheryl’s mouth was open so far that it threatened to drop all the way to the bed as Ginger looked around at the couple, underwear in hand.

So was Freddy’s. They had stopped again in mid-fuck.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” Ginger said, holding up the panties, as though this explained why the shyest, most straight-laced girl in the class was suddenly completely at ease to be nude in a motel room with a couple engaged in anal screwing.

Ginger rather liked their shocked expressions. She decided not to try and explain, or rather, to explain without explaining.

“Muscles are real sore… from skiing, I guess,” she offered brightly, smiling at the couple. “I think a warm shower, will loosen ’em up. You’d best go back to what you’re were doing, I think. It’s not something you can delay finishing forever, ya’ know?”

Closing the bathroom door behind her, Ginger started to giggle at their amazed stares. Cheryl had looked as if her puffy face would, explode from embarrassment when Ginger had given them the flip advice on their sexual technique!

Adjusting the water, Ginger had to admit that last night was the best thing that had ever happened to her. All her life, her strict upbringing and lack of knowledge about sex had made her an outsider. She knew every kid in school, but she had never really felt like an accepted part of the group or a real asset to a school party – until last night!

From now an, Ginger knew, her life would be a lot different. She would be sixteen soon, and able to date. And now that she… knew people better… she was sure she would get dates, lots of dates! The prospect of all those sweet cocks exploring her tender little cunt gave her such a thrill that the water pounding off her nipples and clit in the shower almost made her cum.

Invigorated by the prospects for her future, and for today in particular, Ginger hurried through her shower and went back out into the bedroom dressed only in her translucent panties. Ignoring her “roommates” – who had finished their fucking and were now dressed in their underwear – Ginger slipped quickly into a pair of ski pants and alight turtle neck.

Ginger ran a comb through her dark locks and applied a small amount of eye make up. She saw her nipples standing but under the thin sweater and she couldn’t resist teasing Freddy a little as she gathered up her parka and purse.

“Do you think my tits are big enough, Freddy?” she asked innocently as she prepared to leave the room. Ginger stuck her chest out, emphasizing the protruding points other erect nipples.

“Uh… they’re fantastic!” Freddy blurted, eyeing the twin treasures hungrily.

“And my ass, do you like ’em tight, and round, and firm like mine?” Ginger cooed seductively, sticking her butt out provocatively in her clinging red ski pants.

“Oh, yeah!” Freddy sighed enviously, just staring at Ginger’s firm little buns.

“Well, then why do you fuck around with a cow like Cheryl?” Ginger giggled, stepping out into the hall and closing the door behind her with a bang.

She could hear Cheryl gasp with indignation fight through the closed door as she went down to breakfast. That would teach the big-titted blonde a thing or two about calling other girls “cold pussy” Ginger thought triumphantly.

The dining room was full of people Ginger knew – intimately, after last night. The newly liberated teenager smiled and said hello to several of the boys, and girls, who had explored her pussy last night. She elected to sit by herself, deciding that she wanted to practice her newfound “skills” this morning, and that she would fuck the first guy who came over and sat down with her.

“Well, there you are!” Miss Caldwell’s cherry tenor piped in from behind Ginger.

Heart sinking, the girl realized that Miss Caldwell meant to sit down at the small table with her. Why was the foxy sex-education teacher picking this morning, of all mornings? Some of the nicer looking boys were already finishing breakfast and heading for the slopes!

“May I?” the red haired twenty-five year old asked, indicating the chair opposite Ginger.

The girl nodded and Nancy Caldwell sat down. Ginger stared enviously at the older woman’s huge tits as they bobbled and rolled to a stop beneath Nancy’s tight ski sweater. Ginger had thought herself pretty daring, going braless under her own thin top. She would never have tried it if she had jugs like Miss Caldwell’s forty-two D’s!

“I checked with the management,” Nancy began quickly. “I’m sorry, but it looks like you’ll have to bunk with me. There simply aren’t any other rooms available, so I moved Annette Chase in with Cheryl Colby and put you in my bunk.”

Nancy was smiling, proud of her prompt handling of. Ginger’s complaint, despite the crowded conditions. “We’re having a bellboy switch the suitcases and gear right now.”

Ginger’s heart sank, but she was a good enough actress to keep on smiling. Now she would NEVER be able to sneak out tonight and continue her sexual initiation! Not sharing a room with the school chaperone. She thought briefly of blackmailing Miss Caldwell with her knowledge of the pretty teacher’s fuck session with Tony George, but she realized it wouldn’t work. She couldn’t prove Miss Caldwell had balled and sucked off Tony, but the teacher would be able to prove Ginger had gone out tonight, if she did, for sure.

Growing more miserable as she thought the alternatives over, Ginger ordered a light breakfast and ate, it in near silence. She thanked Miss Caldwell for her quick handling of the situation and went outside.

Might as well ski, Ginger sighed to herself. It looked for sure like that was the only action she’d be getting today!

Ginger shot across the face of the mountain like a gliding gull in a summer sky. The snow crunched beneath her skis and the wind clutched at her bundled form as she plummeted down the steep, bumpy slope.

Experiencing an almost sexual charge from the speed, the drop rate, and the incredibly beautiful view, Ginger crouched lower and dug in with her poles, pushing herself to the limits of her capabilities and beyond. She shot into a particularly tough group of mogols and bounced her way through the small snow hills at a speed that left her breathless with excitement.

The thrill-seeking teenager flew over the last mogol and became airborne. Ginger sailed down the mountain trying to get out over her skis enough to land in a balanced position.

She didn’t quite make it. The lanky girl dug an edge in as she hit and end over end down the powdery hill. Getting to her feet slowly, gathering up her poles, cap, and goggles, Ginger found that her left ankle had twisted slightly in the fall. It wasn’t really serious, she was glad to discover as she put weight on it, but it hurt a bit when she leaned heavily on the sprain.

“Can I help?” a man’s voice asked.

Turning, Ginger saw one of the most handsome, dashing men she had ever imagined skiing to a stop right behind her. He was tall, powerfully built, dressed in the latest, most expensive ski gear, his nicely barbered, longish brown hair flying out from around his ski cap, and his perfectly trimmed brown mustache curling up at just the right angle on his tanned, almost movie star face.

Heart pounding, Ginger sighed. “Oh, I think I’m okay!”

“Well, just checking,” the Greek God replied, adjusting his reflector goggles to resume his downhill run. “That looked like, a bad tumble you took.”

“Uh, well, I did twist my left ankle a little!” Ginger blurted, a rush of cunt-tension pulsing through her tiny pussy that told her she couldn’t just let this beautiful older man simply ski into and out of her life.

“Oh, well, that can be bothersome,” the man smiled at the teenager reassuringly. “Let’s go down together, so I can help you if you need it.”

Ginger was too excited by her deceitful ploy to answer. She just nodded and pushed off, her heart beating even faster as she tried to think of ways to keep this handsome stranger around when they reached the bottom of the hill.

As it turned out, Ginger needn’t have bothered. When the pair came gliding into the first aid station a few minutes later, there was a sign indicating the Ski Patrolman had gone up to the lodge for a few minutes.

“Hell, these guys are never here you need them!” the stranger muttered in an exasperated tone. “Listen, I’m a certified first aid instructor, used to be a Phys Ed teacher and high school coach,” he explained quickly. “Why don’t we load you in my car and go over to my cabin, it’s just two miles up the road, and I’ll look at your ankle?”

That’s not all you’ll look at, if I have my way about it! Ginger thought lasciviously. Her whole body tingled at the thought of being alone in a cabin with this gorgeous hunk of manhood.

“Oh, hey, that’d be great, if you’re sure you don’t mind!” Ginger smiled as seductively as she knew how. “It’s really starting to hurt!”

The man nodded and helped the teenager out of her skis. They locked the girl’s equipment in the overnight locker and she leaned on his muscular shoulder as they made their way out to the parking lot. In seconds, the man had fitted his skis into the rack on his classic Porsche and they were roaring out of the lot in a powder of flying snow.

“My name is Matt,” the good looking stranger told her as he maneuvered the red sports car around the twisting mountain road.

“Mine’s Ginger!” the girl sighed, leaning back in the leather seat, admiring the car, the man’s driving ability, and the bluest set of eyes she had seen on a brown haired man this side of Paul Newman.

In minutes, they were at his cabin. It was a smallish affair, just off the main highway, with a high-peaked, snow-encrusted roof, brown-shingled sides and trees all around it.

Inside, the room was decorated in a rough, manly style that told Ginger this heavenly male wasn’t married to anyone at the present time. She watched him closely as he stoked up the dying fire, excited by the contour of his heavy muscled legs and ass as he moved about in the tight fitting ski pants.

“There, outer warmth!” Matt said brightly, “Now, how about some inner warmth?” He moved to the unfinished cabinet that served as a bar and poured them each a snifter of good brandy.

“I know you’re not quite aid enough for this, legally speaking, but in case of accident, the law be damned!” he smiled charmingly at his young guest, handing her the glass.

The warm liquor burned all the way down, but Ginger was delighted by the immediate glow it gave her, and the pleasant, rich aftertaste. She drank in the aroma and finished her first one in less than, a minute.

“Well, I see my brandy meets with your approval, young lady,” Matt grinned, re-filling the big glass. “Now let’s see about my first-aid skills.”

Matt kneeled in front of the heavy overstuffed chair Ginger was sitting in and loosened her boot. He pulled off her thick socks and pushed the stirrup of her bell-bottomed ski pants off her foot. Peeling the pant leg up onto her shapely calf, Matt examined the girl’s ankle carefully.

“Just a sprain, I think,” he announced after a moment or two. “Does that hurt?”

Ginger, barely aware of any pain now – except for the dull ache in her cock hungry cunt – smiled at him. “No, it just feels better when you rub it, Matt. Please, do my calf too, the muscles are so tight!”

Smiling back, the older man pushed Ginger’s pant leg up further, past her knee, and began a slow, sensual massage of the young teenager’s supple flesh. Ginger closed her eyes and sipped at the warm brandy, letting her senses revel in the man’s practiced touch and the hot waves of pleasure washing over her nubile body.

“That feels so good,” Ginger sighed once more. “Would it be too much to ask you to do the other leg too?”

Obviously happy to oblige, Ginger felt Matt removing her other boot, sock, and stirrup. She sighed louder and wriggled down in the seat, eyes still closed, as her older lover pulled the pant leg up. The red cloth slid all the way up to the base of Ginger’s thigh.

Matt worked on both legs now, running his fingers over the girl’s smooth, finely turned calves, rubbing her knee joints, then tracing his way up to her young, muscular thighs. The warm, parting legs opened to his knowing touch, but the heavy nylon ski pants stopped him at mid thigh.

Without saying a word, her tits rising and falling beneath her tight ski sweater, Ginger took off her parka and unzipped her ski pants. Her nipples were hot little bulges in the smooth material as she stared down into Matt’s lust filled eyes and undid the button holding her pants on.

Smiling with unspoken understanding, Matt pulled the clinging garment down the girl’s spread legs and whisked it off. He ran his hands all over Ginger’s trembling thighs now, until her butt gave an involuntary little jerk forward, pushing her barely concealed cunt into his palm. She knew he could feel her wet pussy lips right through the fabric of her tiny bikini panties, and the thought excited her still more.

“Now here’s that’s clearly broken,” Matt teased his teenage guest, wriggling his forefinger under the thin piece of nylon barring the girl’s cunt from his hungry eyes.

Ginger giggled as his finger went knuckle deep into her yearning pussy socket. His palm was on her extended clit and the horny high school girl could barely restrain her groans of pleasure as the older man began fingering her gushing box.

Matt didn’t play with her for long. Knowing full well what the long legged teen wanted now, he turned down her red panties and discarded them. He gazed appreciatively at the girl’s fuzz surrounded snatch, with its juicy pouting lips and its aroused love-pearl.

Ginger knew from the way Matt was eyeing her cunt like a hungry man that she was about to get her pussy licked. That sounded wonderful, but first she wanted to show him the rest of her goodies. She reached down and pulled the tight turtleneck up over her head, her brunette tresses flying upward, then floating back down to frame her pretty face and freed, bobbling breasts.

“Those look delicious!” Matt growled, his voice growing lower and tighter with passion as he stared at the girl’s tits.

“Try them and see, lover!” Ginger cooed, leaning forward in the chair a little, so that her bouncy jugs were right in front of his lips.

Matt came in quickly, gathering the nude girl up in his powerful arms and pressing his lips to her erect nipples in a rapid series of wet, warm kisses. Ginger sighed and held his sucking lips into her throbbing tits closely as he changed from nub to pulsing nub.

“My tits!” Ginger gurgled with pleasure. “My hot, hot tits! Your mouth makes them even hotter, Matt, darling! Your hot mouth sets them on fire!”

Matt became even more excited by Ginger’s explicit urging. He let his hands slide down the groaning girl’s back until he had cupped her firm little ass moons in each hand and was squeezing them in time with his oral attacks on her heaving titties.

“Ugh! Oooooh!” Ginger crooned in building ecstasy. “My pussy, Matt! Taste my boiling pussy! It’s so hot for you, love, so fucking hot!”

Matt needed no further urging. He kept kneading the trembling teenager’s ass cheeks, but he dropped his head from her saliva gleaming tits to her open, bubbling pussy lips.

Pulling the girl’s cunt into his mouth with his grip on her tight ass, Matt rammed his tongue into Ginger’s wet slit like a train going into a tunnel at full speed. Ginger squealed with joy as the man’s stiff tongue split her cunt and rode across her clit. The hot-blooded teen grabbed her own tits and flicked the nipples with her thumbs as Matt gobbled her contracting pussy and massaged her clenching buns.

“Your… your… mouth!” Ginger gasped, her breath coming in shorter and shorter pants. “It’s gonna make me, oooooh! It’s gonna make me… make me… Shooooot!”

Ginger beard herself screaming as the first fountains of her scalding cunt fluid bathed Matt’s delving tongue. Her ass jumped in his hands and her tits were spasming through ripple after ripple of fiery cum sensation as she twisted her own nipples and writhed and jerked her way through the violent orgasm.

The heavenly feelings passing through Ginger’s convulsing body gradually lessened until there was only a warm, reassuring stillness in her pussy. She dropped her hands to Matt’s head and toyed with his wavy brown hair as he ate her, enjoying the tender swiping of his cunt cleaning tongue almost as much as she had loved the furious cum he had given her.

“Ooooh, that’s wonderful!” Ginger crooned. “Your mouth on my pussy is so sweet!”

Matt raised his glistening cheeks and chin from her thighs and stood up. He picked up the totally relaxed, naked teenager as if she were a doll and carried her unresisting form over to the bearskin rug in front of the crackling fireplace.

“This will feel even sweeter!” the aroused older man promised her, unzipping his ski pants.

Ginger wriggled on the smooth, warm surface of the animal skin. It felt great, lying naked and ready, waiting for Matt to show her if he could fuck as well as he ate cunt!

The muscular skier removed his sweater, displaying a massive, hairy chest that started Ginger’s heart beating faster once more. His pants came off, and his boots, and then their was only a pair of shorts left between her and the impressive looking bulge below Matt’s trim waist.

Ginger had always loved surprises. She forced herself to lower her eyes to Matt’s feet, wait for the shorts to hit, then look up slowly, taking in the full masculine beauty of the master skier’s big calves and thighs before finally eyeing his naked crotch.

“Omigod!” Ginger sucked in her breath. She had intended to do exactly what she had planned in unveiling Matt’s body, but he had surprised her.

The man’s cock was so thick, so long, that she saw the bulb-like head when her eyes were only halfway up his thigh! Half erect and twitching, the incredibly lengthy, snake-like prick seemed to jerk an extra time as Ginger set eyes upon it.

“You’ll love it, once your little pussy gets used to it,” Matt said cheerfully.

“Get used… to… that?” Ginger said with awe. She couldn’t imagine such an object going into and up her tiny cuntal slit, not without splitting her wide open like a ripe watermelon!

“Sure, Ginger, honey!” Matt assured her, kneeling down next to the apprehensive teenager on the rug. He grabbed his pussy ripper of a cock and began listing it up and back in a slow, easy rhythm.

“See, it’s not so big,” he said gently, hypnotically as he stoked the big wang. “Here, you try.”

Ginger put her tiny hand on the big cock and pumped it up and down, feeling it grow and stiffen in just a few jerks. Smiling, gradually regaining her confidence, Ginger leaned onto her elbows and licked at the head of the now erect dick as she jacked the skin forward and back.

“Oh, that’s great!” Matt sighed. “Suck it, Ginger, do more with that sweet mouth of yours!”

Only too glad to obey, the horny teen sucked the tip of that burgeoning cock into her honey-warm mouth and licked the marble-smooth knob with her swirling tongue. Matt moaned and bucked his hips involuntarily, forcing a few more inches of his gigantic prick into Ginger’s mouth.

“Unnnpphbh!” Ginger gulped, letting her throat go limp, as she had learned the night before.

“Yes, baby!” Matt sighed with joy. “Let me fuck your little mouth! Suck me as I slip it in!”

With an ever quickening tempo, the older man fed his cock into Ginger’s suctioning lips and withdrew it. He was soon jamming his dick in hard, burying three-quarters of its stiff, meaty length in the girl’s mouth and throat.

Ginger didn’t mind pleasing him this way, she just hoped that the man’s balls – which were twice as big as the boys’ nuts from last night – did not contain twice as much cum. If they did, the sucking teenager was sure she would drown when the handsome stranger went off in her mouth!

Matt was grunting and groaning with each throat-stretching thrust. He leaned a little, so that his fingers could reach Ginger’s dewy cuntal mound as the girl lay on her stomach, and rammed two fingers up her pussy and one up the teen’s ass.

“Ummmmmm!” Ginger gurgled with pleasure, hunching down onto Matt’s fingers as she redoubled her cocksucking efforts.

The experienced older man rubbed the girl’s clit as he fingered her ass and pussy, reaching around with his free hand to cup one of the girl’s dangling breasts. He squeezed the lithe brunette’s nipple and the teenager’s whole body jerked with the charge ricocheting between her twat and her tits.

Ginger went crazy on Matt’s plunging dick. Her cheeks hollowed like a starving orphan’s as she sucked him on the out stroke and swelled like two miniature balloons when he slammed the gliding cock back into her throat. Her tongue swiped and buffeted his prick like a stepped-on snake.

“Mmmmm – aaahhhh! Enough!” Matt gasped, pulling his saliva dripping rod from the girl’s mouth. “Don’t want to cum that way! I want to… I’ve got to fuck you, Ginger!”

“Oooh! Sounds wonderful!” Ginger gulped for air, her cunt and tits still grinding themselves against Matt’s hands.

The hot-pantsed girl felt as if her pussy was aflame again, as if it hadn’t cum in a month – instead of just minutes ago, on this man’s tongue! She knew how she wanted it.

“Let me get on top!” she begged. “That way you can play with my boobies while you fill me with your hot cum!”

Matt was too excited and horny to answer. He merely flopped down on the rug and pulled the girl onto him. He wasted no time in positioning Ginger’s overflowing pussy lips over his wavering flagpole of a prick.

“Easy, baby!” Ginger cautioned him. “Easy with that big thing – my little cunnie’s pretty tight!”

“Don’t I know it!” Matt grinned, pulling the girl down by her trim hips.

The engorged tip of Matt’s thick cock slid off of the girl’s smallish curd mouth three times before he finally got it centered squarely in the middle of her furled pinkness. He shoved, and the juicy warmth parted to admit his hot tool’s knobby head.

“Ooooooooh it’s big!” Ginger gasped, feeling as if a ball bat had been pushed into her cunt. “Go slow! Fuck me real slow, Matt, darling. Don’t hurt my little pussy!”

Matt complied, feeding two inches of his throbbing prick into the girl, then holding back to let her get used to its size. Ginger’s heated, gooey cunt mouth nibbled at his cock, slowly expanding and relaxing enough to let another few inches glide up into its sucking depths.

Having discovered the teenager’s tits were very sensitive, Matt took a pulsing nipple in each hand and ground the soft flesh nodules against his thumbs and forefingers. The pussy encircling his cock so tightly fluttered and clenched, a shower of fresh, warmed-butter cunt juice flowing down over his invading shaft.

“Ooooooh! My titties – yessss! Play with my hot titties!” Ginger cooed in ecstasy. The stimulation of her burning nipples and the throb of his thick cock inside her was almost more than the aroused teenager could handle.

Ginger let her full weight come down on Matt’s dong. The huge hunk of prick meat drove up into her well-juiced snatch until she thought it would come out her throat. The massive, jerking cock seemed endless as she slid down its mighty length. It seemed like forever before she felt her clit lips touch his wiry pubic hair and his balls nestling into the crack between her clasping ass cheeks.

“You… you’ve got all of it, baby!” Matt marveled. “What a cunt! So tight, so hot, so smooth!”

“Ooh, fuck me, Matt!” Ginger gasped, already half out of her mind with pre-cum frenzy. “Fuck me with that big, hard prick of yours!”

The girl raised her hips off Matt’s loins, sliding the mammoth cock over clit as her pussy lips gave his cock a long, sucking kiss. She stopped as the knobby head threatened to spring clear of her tight little cunt, then let herself fall onto his up-raised sword once more, burying it to the hilt again in her fluid, boiling depths.

Matt groaned at the goodness of her cunt enveloping his pulsing cock. He thrust upward with his hips and squeezed the girls hot little tips until Ginger was babbling incoherently and riding his prick like a bucking bronco.

“Matt, oh, Matt! So good! Your cock – like fiery! Ah, oh! Ugh!” Ginger gurgled and cooed as she flung her sopping cunt down onto the piercing dick again and again. “Oh, oh, yes, fuck me! Give me your cum! Fill me with hot jizz!”

The lithe teenager was writhing as though a blazing stake was being driven into her belly – but it was all pleasure, not an ounce of pain. The electrifying thrills reverberating from her cunt to her bobbing tits were so intense that she feared her heart would stop when the tremendous, building orgasm finally hit her.

But she didn’t care. A pounding, cunt-filling, mind-searing fuck like this was worth any price! The flashes of cum tightness in her cunt became more violent, more wonderful with each lightning fast stroke of the mighty cock.

“It… it’s happening!” Ginger shrieked, moving her hips up and down like a girl gone mad. “I’m there, Matt, baby! I’m fuckin’ there! Shoot, oh, please, shoot it into me!”

Ginger wanted frantically to cum with Matt. She hungered for the jets of scalding jizz she knew his big, egg-sized nuts held for her. The first spasms of her own shattering, unbelievably strong orgasm shuddered through her just as Matt moaned beneath her.

“Ugghhh! Your pussy… your tight little pussy is sucking the cum right out of my balls!” Matt sighed.

It was true. The girl’s gobbling cunt lips milked a huge wad of boiling jizz from the tip of the cock they were racing up and down. Ginger felt the incredible warmth of the man’s semen inside her, then braced herself as the next wave of hot cream sprayed up into her flying cunt.

“Oh, so much!” Ginger whined with joy. “Give it to me, honey, give me all of your hot cum!”

Malt ground his spurting dick into the crooning teenager all the harder. His cock blasted stream after stream of jism into the girl’s tight pussy, until the white goo ran out of Ginger’s cunt and bathed her slender thighs. And still it came!

Her own scorching orgasm over, Ginger realized, dimly, that her pussy was fuller than it ever had been – even after three of the boys had gang-banged her the night before. She didn’t want to waste Matt’s wonderful jizz.

Scooting back on the bearskin, Ginger felt the half-hard cock pop free of her brim-full pussy. She got down over the waving cock with her mouth, missing only one pump of the big balls. The wad of cum caught her in the tits, and she rubbed it in with her palms as she sucked the still-spurting cock into her mouth and worked it between her lips.

“Ohhhhh, fuck, what a hot little cunt you are!” Matt groaned with passion. “Suck it, baby, swallow my jizz!”

A fresh torrent of cum boiled up out of Matt’s nuts and Ginger swallowed it hungrily. She experienced a new series of quick, shuddering spasms in her own cum-drowned pussy as she rubbed the slippery jizz into her tits and sucked Matt’s hot cream into her mouth.

The cock-thirsty teenager bobbed her head and swallowed until there was no more of the salty, thickly flowing goop to drink. She released Matt’s cock with a sigh of satisfaction.

“Well, how did you like that?” Ginger smiled, cum still-shimmering on her lips.

“Whoooo! I’ve paid hookers a hundred bucks and never gotten off like that!” Matt grinned at the foxy teen.

Ginger giggled wickedly. “You don’t have to pay me a thing, Matt… just fuck me again!”

The older man groaned, then laughed. “Normally, I doubt I could. I must have own a quart! But with you…”

Ginger giggled and bent low once more, taking the handsome stranger’s dick into her mouth again. Slowly, she began to suck.

Matt let the girl out in the ski lodge parking lot just before dark. She had given him her phone number, but he had refused to give her his on the pounds that he had just moved into town and didn’t have a phone yet. He had told her his last name was Donnely, but nothing more.

Ginger crunched across the frozen snow and into the bright ski lodge lobby. She had showered and dressed at Matt’s, after their long, deeply fulfilling afternoon of love-making, and now all she wanted was dinner and bed. For the first time in three days, she didn’t even want anyone in bed with her!