That night, during the first session of the teachers convention, Sharon spotted so many attractive men, it made her head swim. It was going to be impossible to pick one man out of so many winners, so she decided just to let the men come to her. From the way they were looking at her, she figured she wouldn’t have to wait long. After a few short speeches, the formal part of the meeting was over, and the delegates got drinks and circulated through the hall.

Sharon had been to these conventions before, and she knew that many of the delegates were married men looking for adventure. A lot of them had been married ten or twenty years, their marriages had gotten dull, and they were itching to make it with somebody new. Those were just the men Sharon wanted to meet, because with them there’d be no commitments, no entanglements. She wouldn’t even have to tell them her last name, and she’d never see them again. She wanted to make it with as many of these men as possible during the three-day convention.

She felt greedy about it because when she got home again she wouldn’t have such chances. She lived and taught in a very small town, and no matter how careful you were, any fooling around was soon detected and gossiped about. So if she wanted to make up for all her lonely years without men, if she wanted to satisfy her stored-up lust, now was the time to do it. She kept an inviting smile on her face as she strolled through the hall, and soon she got what she was after. A strikingly handsome man in his early forties approached her.

“Hello, my name’s Larry Morton,” he said politely, “and I’m looking for someone to have dinner with, preferably someone nice to look at. Can I interest you?”

“My name’s Sharon,” she replied, carefully omitting her last name, “and I’d love to have dinner with you, Larry.”

An hour later, after a nice meal, they were in his hotel room having a night cap. That had been easy to accomplish because Larry was so obviously on the make. He was trying to be cool about it, but he couldn’t hide his lust for Sharon. His eyes kept wandering up and down her body, and she noticed that the crotch of his pants was swelling up. She felt pretty horny herself. Things looked very promising. But they had the whole night ahead of them, and she saw no reason to rush.

“Are you married, Larry?” she asked.

He reddened. “How could you tell?” he sighed.

“It’s just that your finger isn’t tan where your wedding ring was,” Sharon laughed.

“I might as well level with you,” he said. “I wouldn’t ever leave my wife, not after so many years and four kids, but our marriage isn’t much to brag about. Doreen’s frigid, always has been. She seems to think the only reason to make love is to have kids. When we get it on, she just lies there like a corpse.” He sighed again and tossed off the rest of his drink.

Sharon was glad he’d gotten the truth out. She didn’t like to fuck under false pretenses. But now that they both understood it was a one-night stand, she could let herself go with the guy. And with an enticing smile, she scooted closer to him and laid a hand on his knee. She squeezed, and Larry almost fell out of his chair. His eyes darted to her ripe cleavage, boldly revealed by her low-cut dress.

“Watch it,” he said hoarsely. “I’m so horny for you, I’m about to pounce.”

“Then pounce,” Sharon smiled.

He leaned over and kissed her, hungrily snaking his tongue into her mouth. Sharon creamed right through her panties. She’d been very well fucked that afternoon by Ross, but by now she was hotly horny again and eager for a good hard fucking. Larry seemed like just the man for the job. She let him probe her mouth with his big hot tongue, and she felt her nipples go rigid with arousal. He finally broke the kiss and looked at her with lust-glazed eyes. He obviously wanted her, but he didn’t know how to proceed. He probably hadn’t seduced a girl in fifteen years.

“Why don’t we take our clothes off and get more comfortable, Larry?” she purred.

“G-Good idea,” he stammered.

Sharon stood up and started taking off her clothes, and he just sat there and gawked at her. That was okay with Sharon because they had plenty of time. Besides, it kind of turned her on to have such an eager audience. Facing him, she wantonly thrust out her tits and stripped off her bra. At the sight of her big melon-shaped tits, his mouth dropped open.

He ogled the heavy, creamy-skinned globes of her rigid red nipples. Sharon hooked her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and began inching them down.

Larry was hardly breathing as her dark triangular bush came into view. She moved her panties down slowly, teasing him, till she popped them over the firm rounds of her ass. Then she let them fall down her long shapely legs and kicked them away. Naked, she walked over to the bed and stretched out on her back, parting her legs just enough to give him a tantalizing glimpse of her wet red pussy. Her big tits stood up firm and stiff-nippled, and her long dark hair shimmered out over the pillow. She could tell by the hot look in his eyes how good she appeared. Now the fly of his pants was enormously tented.

“Come on, Larry,” she cooed, “get undressed and join me.”

He tried to say something, but nothing came out except a horny croak. Dizzily he began to undress. Sharon was sure that his heart was pounding. It wasn’t hard to guess that this was the first time he’d ever been unfaithful to his wife. Oh, he’d probably cheated hundreds of times in his fantasies, but this was the first time he’d gotten the nerve to do it in real life. He had to be wildly excited – and Sharon intended to make it a night he’d never forget.

She watched with undisguised hunger as he took off his clothes and dropped them on the floor, too intent on fucking her to bother with neatness. His expensive three-piece suit soon lay in a rumpled pile. She liked his body. He was tall, lean, and hard. She shivered lustily as he peeled down his shorts and revealed his steel-stiff cock. He was nicely hung. Not as nice as Bob – but she didn’t want to think about her ex-fiancee. She concentrated on the handsome stranger who was naked now and walking toward the bed, his prick so rigid it didn’t even quiver with his movements.

She rolled over to make room for him, and he slid onto the bed with a horny growl, grabbing her and pulling her into his arms. As he gave her a deep steaming tongue-kiss, his engorged cock poked sharply against her belly and left trails of sticky juice. She reached down and fisted his prick, eagerly squeezing and pumping it. At last Larry broke the kiss and gave a wistful sigh as he looked down at her pumping hand.

“I wish Doreen would do that,” he sighed.

“She doesn’t play with your cock?” Sharon said wonderingly.

“She’d rather touch a rattlesnake,” Larry said grimly. “She’s never played with it, touched it, sucked it – I really miss that kind of thing.”

That was obviously Sharon’s cue and she took it. Grinning, she rolled to her hands and knees beside him, bent down low, and fanned his stiff-standing cock with her hot moist breath. As he realized she was going to go down on him, Larry moaned with eagerness, and she saw a big hot glob of cream forming at the tip of his cock. Hot saliva rushed to her mouth at the sight of that creamy liquid, and she flashed out her tongue and gobbled up his salty juice.

“Jesus, yes,” he gasped.

The moment her hot little tongue contacted his naked prick, the guy was in heaven. He lay back with a blissful grin on his face and watched as Sharon hungrily lapped up the hot juice that oozed from his piss hole. She didn’t have to fake her enthusiasm. She’d always gotten off on the taste of cock, and tonight was no exception. Eagerly she scooped up big wads of cream from his drooling cock head and rolled them around in her mouth, savoring the taste. Then she gulped them greedily and went after more.

“Mmmmmmm, I love the taste of your cock, Larry,” she gurgled.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” he groaned.

For a dozen years and more Larry’s favorite jack-off fantasy had been this – a gorgeous young girl kneeling beside him and licking his cock like it was an ice cream cone. That was all it took to make him come like crazy in his own pumping fist. Now it was happening for real. The most beautiful girl at the convention was eagerly licking up his cock cream and eating it. It was so much better than his fantasy, he couldn’t believe his luck.

“Yeah, baby, go for it,” he moaned, “eat all that juice.”

Not that she had to be urged. Sharon acted as if she hadn’t eaten in a month. As fast as the hot cream bubbled from the cleft of his cock, she speared it up on the tip of her tongue and ate it. She wanted even more of the tasty cream, so she snaked her tongue into his piss hole and reamed it cuit. Larry panted with excitement as he watched her cleaning the head of his cock. When she’d gotten all his juice, she started licking her way down the thick blue-veined shaft, gobbling up the trails of juice and eating them.

“Mmmmmmm, mmmmmm,” she moaned.

Soon she had the whole shaft of his prick gleaming with her hot spit. She tongued her way down to the hairy base of his cock and right into his lust-engorged balls. Larry gasped and almost shot his load as her scorching wet tongue touched his sensitive nut sac. She lathered his balls with hot spit, and then her greedy little tongue trailed even farther back between his legs, teasing the wrinkled mouth of his asshole.

“If you do that one second longer I’m gonna come,” he groaned.

Sharon gave a muffled laugh and retreated, licking back the way she’d come, over his balls and up the granite column of his cock shaft. Once more her greedy tongue touched the supersensitive head of his prick and he groaned and fed her a steady stream of hot sally cream. It was a miracle he’d held out this long. He fought the urge to conic all over her pretty face. Her tongue was driving him wild as it swirled faster and faster around the engorged purple head of his cock.

“Ahhhhhh, Christ, I can’t hold out much longer, baby,” he warned her.

Sharon knew he was dying to come in her mouth. Obviously his wife had never let him do it, and he was aching to try it. That was fine, because she was starved for his cream. She fisted the thick base of his cock, opened her red-glossed lips as wide as she could, and brought them down around the upper half of his rigid prick. As he felt his meat sheathed in the searing wetness of her mouth, he gave a violent lusty shudder and a hoarse groan.

“Shit, yeah, honey, suck my cock,” he panted, “take it in your mouth and suck me!”

His prick throbbed wildly on her tongue. She took in as much as she could without choking, then drew in her cheeks and began to suck. She started out slowly and sensuously, drawing the tasty hot cream out of his piss hole and savoring it before swallowing. Larry writhed and moaned, his prick leaking a steady stream of juice. Glancing up, Sharon saw that his face was contorted in a grimace of ecstasy, his eyes screwed shut. He was totally in her power, oblivious to everything but her sucking mouth.

“Ahhhhhhh, slit, don’t stop,” he groaned. “I love it.”

Sharon’s own hot arousal was increasing by his growing pleasure. She liked being in control for a change, turning the man on with her mouth and tongue. Gradually she increased the speed and force of her sucking, and Larry went wild. Thick hot globs of cream gushed from his cock and dripped into her tongue. He writhed so hard she could scarcely keep his cock in her mouth, and she finally had to kneel between his legs and cup his churning ass, controlling the jerking of his pelvis.

“Ahhhhhhh, fuck, it’s good,” he whined.

Sharon realized that he had to be living out a very long-term fantasy. She was doing something to him that he’d only dreamed of for years. That made her even more excited, and she went after his cream greedily, suctioning it out of his piss hole and gobbling it down. To Larry it felt like she was trying to suck the come right out of his balls. He completely lost control of himself and began fucking her mouth, jerking his stiff cock right into the back of her throat.

“Get ready, baby, I’m gonna shoot,” he moaned.

Sharon had to draw back a little or get choked by his big jack-hammering cock. She let him piston the stiff prick meat over her slippery tongue while she sacked faster and faster, drooling all over his cock as she thought about getting a whole steaming mouthful of his delicious come. It wouldn’t be long now. Larry was groaning steadily and fucking faster and faster into her mouth, and his engorged cock was throbbing violently. Sharon gave one long powerful suck and felt the first sizzling spurt of jizz hitting the back of her throat.

“Awwww, fuck, I’m coming, aaaggghhh!” Larry roared.

“Mmmmmm, uuummm!” Sharon moaned.

In an instant her mouth was steaming with a huge load of come. She let it collect till her cheeks bulged out and the sticky cream began to leak from the corners of her lips. Then she gulped it down, and just in time, too. Larry bellowed and filled he mouth with another sizzling load of jism. He fucked hard at her mouth, and now she didn’t try to stop him. She wanted every single drop of his delicious come.

“Ahhhhhh, Christ, I can’t stop coming,” he panted.

Sharon gurgled with excitement as the bellowing man filled her mouth again and again with his hot salty jizz. It wasn’t hard to tell that he hadn’t been fucked in a long time. Sharon felt sorry for Doreen, his wife. The poor bitch didn’t know what she was missing when she refused to see the fun in sex. Larry could be a really terrific lover, if only he’d gotten any encouragement at home. Finally he shot the last drops of his come and Sharon raised her head and smiled at him.

“Did you enjoy that, Larry?” she purred.

“Are you kidding?” he laughed. “Honey, that was a dream come true for me. And now I wanta do something for you, okay?”

“Okay, Larry,” Sharon grinned. “Just what did you have in mind?”

“You’ll find out,” he leered. “Just lie on your back and open your legs wide, and I’ll give you a nice surprise.”

Sharon obeyed quickly, eager to feel, his steel-stiff cock reaming her horny little cunt. But Larry surprised her. He went belly down between her legs, and she felt his hot breath fanning her swollen pussy. She should have guessed. Any guy who was starved for cock-sucking was likely to be starved for pussy-eating, too. She gurgled with anticipation, then gasped as Larry’s big hot tongue began to lash her lust-inflamed pussy slit.

“Oooooo, Larry, I love that,” she squealed. “Lick my pussy all over, baby, get me off.”

Larry had apparently been fantasizing about eating pussy, too, because he seemed starved for her tangy cream. He probed every fold and cranny of her pussy, tonguing up her juice and swallowing it with a greedy gargling sound. Finally he began reaming out her cunt, plowing his thick tongue deep into her velvety wet pussy hole, and Sharon went wild with excitement, feeding him rush after rush of sizzling juice. She arched her body up to take his pistoning tongue as deep as she could.

“Unnnhhbhh, yeah, that’s it, baby,” she moaned, “give me that big old tongue, fuck me with it.”

Larry growled and shoved his hands under her lustily grinding ass, holding her wriggling body in place. Sharon tried to control her urge to buck and writhe. She threw her legs up over Larry’s shoulders, opening herself to hint completely, then gave a hoarse moan of ecstasy – as she felt his tongue touch her womb. She lay there sobbing as he ate her out. She’d never felt such pleasure from a man’s tongue before.

“Unnnhhhhh, Larry, it’s so damned good,” she moaned. “Keep doing it, I’m almost there. I wanta come all over your face, baby, I want you to eat my come.”

Larry must have liked the idea because he tongued into her all the harder, making an obscene snorting and snuffling sound as he gobbled her helplessly gushing pussy juice. His nose rubbed her swollen clit, giving her hot stabs of pleasure, and his chin rubbed the sensitive puckered mouth of her ass. She was being deliciously stimulated all over her crotch, and soon she was hovering on the verge of a powerful climax. Larry plowed his thick tongue to her womb and she took off.

“Oooooooo, you did it, I’m coming!” she shrieked.

Larry felt her cunt clamp like a vise around his tongue. Suddenly her come-cream was squirting out, drenching his tongue and splattering all over his face. It was better than any of his horny fantasies to have this gorgeous young girl coming in his face and feeding him blast after blast of tangy cream. He eagerly gobbled up her juice till she finally went limp. Then he came up for air, wiping the sticky cream from his face and grinning.

“I guess I didn’t do too bad, did I?” he chuckled.

“You did great, Larry,” Sharon said with a blissful sigh. “Now why don’t we finish the evening with a nice long fuck?”

She was eyeing his belly-hugging hard-on. Even after coming so hard from his greedy tongue-fucking, she knew she wouldn’t rest till she’d had his cock as well. And it was obvious that Larry wasn’t going to disappoint her. With a horny growl, he let himself down on her and drove his steel-stiff cock roughly into her juicy little cunthole. Sharon took it with a gasp of delight. She craved some hard fucking, as hard as she could get it.

“Yesssss, get into meeee,” she hissed. “Give it to me, Larry, fuck my pussy good, baby.”

Larry clutched her hot little ass and started fucking into her like a pile-driver, snorting with lust as he hammered his stiff cock in her deliciously, snug but juicy cunt. Sharon clung to him and dug her nails into his shoulders whimpering and squealing her pleasure as she took his steady, rough fucking. She couldn’t stop creaming. She soaked his prick, and then the molten liquid overflowed her crammed cunt and gushed down the crack of her ass.

“You like it, baby?” Larry rasped. “Am I fuckings you good?”

“Unnnhhhh, you’re rattling my teeth and I love it,” Sharon gurgled. “Give it to me hard, Larry, as hard as you can.”

She didn’t know how many hard fucks it would take to finally satisfy her raging lust, but she was just getting started. That hot fuck with Ross and now this lusty session with Larry were a good beginning, but it was going to take even more. It was a good thing the convention was lasting three days! Sharon wailed in ecstasy as Larry’s pistoning prick reamed every inch of her hot little pussy hole and drove her helplessly towards climax.

“Ahhhhhh, Larry, you’re fucking me so good,” she wailed, “I’m almost there, I’m gonna come fast.”

“You and me both,” he groaned.

Sharon arched her body and rubbed her lust-engorged clit against his sawing cock shaft. That was all it took to send her into orgasmic convulsions. Her cunt clamped hard around. Larry’s deeply lodged prick, and he began to come, too.

“Unnnnhhhhh, Larry, you’re making me come,” she gasped, “I’m coming so hard!”

“Awwwwwwww, shit, aaaggghhhhh, take my come, awwwwww!” Larry bellowed.

Afterwards he invited her to stay with him all night, but Sharon declined. She had to attend all the sessions of the convention and take notes, as she’d promised her fellow teachers. Just as important, she didn’t want to get attached to any one guy. She liked Larry a lot, and that was a bad sign. Tomorrow she’d go after another attractive stranger, then another – and maybe some day she’d finally satisfy her burning lust.