Brenda didn’t know it, but Gil already had the idea. At dawn the next day, while she and Mark were still sleeping, Gil was on the road, heading home. He’d done a lot of thinking on this trip, and he’d ended up agreeing with Brenda. The house wasn’t worth it, not if his long hours of work were ruining their marriage.

So he was coming home early to offer her a new deal. He’d go back to normal work hours, and they’d sell the big house and buy a smaller one. He was sure Brenda would go for that. She’d never been after his money or the things he could buy her. She just wanted his love and companionship – and he’d been a fool not to see that sooner.

He just hoped he hadn’t lost her already. He’d seen how disappointed she was last time he was home, upset that he didn’t stay longer and that their love-making was so short and rushed. He worried that already she might have found another man to take care of her neglected passions. He wouldn’t blame her a bit if she had, but he hoped she was still being patient, still waiting for him.

Completely unaware of Gil’s decision, Brenda wasn’t expecting him home for several more days. She slept in the next morning, then prepared a huge breakfast for herself and Mark. They did some shopping, had a swim in the lake, and then headed home in late afternoon, both of them frankly horny by now. They quickly stowed the groceries they’d bought and headed for the master bedroom.

“I got a hard-on while we were swimming,” Mark chuckled.

“The cold water didn’t help?” Brenda laughed.

“See for yourself,” he said, dropping his jeans.

Brenda stared with undisguised hunger at her son’s belly-hugging cock. It was rigid as steel and drooling thick rivers of juice. Quickly she got rid of her clothes, and Mark skinned out of his. They walked over to the bed, and Mark climbed on, but Brenda didn’t join him.

“I’d like to try something different this time, honey,” she said. “I want you to sit on the edge of the bed, like this.”

She had him sit with his legs hanging over the edge and parted. Then she grabbed a pillow and knelt on it between his thighs. By now Mark was beginning to get the picture, and he started breathing hard, very excited and eager. Brenda wrapped her fingers around the swollen base of his prick and gently drew his meat towards her red-glossed lips. Her hot little tongue darted out and contacted the sensitive head of his cock.

“Jesus, yes,” Mark gasped, “lick my cock.”

Those were the first words Gil heard as he entered the house. Brenda and Mark had been so intent on getting to the bedroom and stripping, they hadn’t heard him drive up. He walked in, found the kitchen and living room empty, and started down the hall. Then he heard Mark’s hoarse exclamation, stopped, and broke into a grin.

That little devil Mark – it sounded as if he’d smuggled a girl into the house and was getting it on with her. Gil wondered where Brenda was. Out shopping, maybe. He just couldn’t resist taking a peek at Mark and this girl of his. He followed the hoarse panting sounds and discovered they were coming from the master bedroom. So Mark had taken the girl to the best room in the house?

Grinning, Gil dropped to his knees outside the door and peered through the keyhole. He blinked and looked again. The grin faded from his face, and his mouth dropped wide open. Mark was there with a female, all right, getting his cock licked. But the female was Brenda. She was kneeling between the boy’s legs and running her tongue greedily all over the glistening head of his prick.

“Ohhhhh, wow, Mom, that feels so great,” Mark was moaning.

“Mmmmmmmrn,” Brenda murmured as she tongued up another tasty drop of his cock cream and ate it.

Gil felt paralyzed with shock. There was his wife going down on their son. That totally blew his mind. It looked as if this wasn’t their first love-making session, either. They were reined and familiar with each other, taking their time, getting all the leisurely pleasure possible. Gil felt outraged. Yet at the same time he was aroused in some kinky way.

His eyes roamed hungrily over Brenda’s voluptuous naked body, and he watched her pointed tongue lapping up Mark’s cream. He felt his balls swelling and his cock stiffening. He didn’t understand it, but he was getting turned on like crazy as he watched. Maybe he ought to just charge in there and break up that incestuous scene, but spying on it was a lot more fun. He shifted his position a little, getting more comfortable before the keyhole.

By now Brenda had lathered every inch of Mark’s stiff cock with her hot spit, leaving the blue-veined shaft gleaming. Mark was flushed and glassy-eyed with pleasure, and he was breathing harshly, a ragged sound that his father could hear clearly even through the closed door. Gil didn’t blame Mark for being so aroused. Brenda gave damned fine head.

At least she used to, back when they’d had the time and energy for good love-making. Gil could have kicked himself for spoiling those times. Lately he’d been cheating both himself and Brenda when it came to sex. But it wasn’t going to be that way any more. Poor Brenda had been so hard up, she’d turned to their teenaged son for satisfaction, Gil vowed to make it up to her.

Now wasn’t the time, though. He felt his cock swelling and straining against the fly of his jeans as he watched his pretty dark-haired wife licking their son’s cock. She licked all the way down to Mark’s engorged balls and back up again, then used the pointed tip of her tongue to ream more tasty juice put of his piss hole. Gil heard her, greedy gurgle as she swallowed the hot liquid, and his cock mushroomed to its full hardness.

But the most exciting scene was yet to come. Brenda had licked up every bit of Mark’s cock cream, but she wanted more – lots more. She fisted the base of his prick and crammed the rest into her mouth, the boy gave a hoarse moan of bliss as his mom caved in her cheeks and began to suck noisily and hungrily on his cock.

“Unnnhhhh, yeah, Mom, suck me off,” Mark groaned.

Gil’s cock gave such a powerful lurch, it was almost painful, and he had to unzip his jeans and let it free. It weaved and wagged lewdly from his pants, dripping thick globs of juice. He was getting excited out of his mind as he watched Brenda’s bobbing head and hugely stretched lips. She was sucking the kid fast, urgently, as if she could hardly wait to get a whole steaming mouthful of his come.

It looked as if she wouldn’t have much longer to wait, either. Mark was practically bug-eyed with lust by now, and he was moaning steadily and hoarsely as his beautiful mother sucked loudly on his prick. Gil wouldn’t have minded at all being in his son’s place just then. He knew how hot and juicy Brenda’s mouth got when she was starved for cock. But he’d just have to wait his turn.

That wasn’t going to be easy. He’d have to wait fill Brenda had satisfied Mark, till everything was back to normal, then go out and come in again, as if he’d just arrived. That part wasn’t so hard, but how long would he have to wait? The way things looked now, Brenda and Mark could go on making love for hours. The attraction between them was very hot, and it wasn’t going to cool down after just one love-making session.

Brenda’s long dark hair was flying as she sucked faster and faster on her son’s tasty prick. Gil could hear the lewd slurping and gulping sounds she was making as she gulped the boy’s hot cream. Mark’s eyes rolled crazily, then shut tightly, as she sucked him to the edge of climax. Clearly Mark wanted the exciting sensations to go on forever, but he just couldn’t hold back the steaming load of jizz that boiled in his balls.

“Ahhhhhh, shit, Mom, I’m gonna come,” he gunned, starting to pull back so he wouldn’t come in her mouth.

Brenda released his cock for a split-second and panted, “Honey, come in my mouth. I want to eat your come.”

That excited Mark so much, it was a wonder she even got his prick back in her mouth before he came. She opened her lips and stuffed his meat back inside, and he went crazy, fucking her mouth in rough urgent strokes. Gil could hear her moaning her encouragement, her sounds punctuated by the boy’s excited yelps as he began to come. Suddenly Brenda’s cheeks swelled up fat and full with jizz.

“Awwwww, fuckin’ shit, awwwww!” Mark howled.

Gil’s prick gave a lusty lurch and dripped more thick cream as he watched Mark shooting his load into Brenda’s thirsty mouth. She let his tasty jism collect till it was squirting from the corners of her lips, then gulped down the huge hot load. Mark filled her mouth again and again, then finally slumped back on the bed, drained and panting. Releasing his cock, Brenda licked her lips to get the very last drop of his come.

“Oh, wow, Mom, that was fantastic,” Mark breathed.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it, darling,” Brenda purred, crawling onto the bed beside him.

Mark looked so played out, Gil expected him to ask for a rest, but he was disappointed. Mark reached far Brenda and kissed her lingeringly, and they rubbed their naked bodies together, getting quickly worked up for another session of fun. Gil tried to ignore the urgent need in his swollen balls. Even if he couldn’t have Brenda to himself, this spying was one of the most incredible sexual experiences he’d ever had. He wasn’t knocking the situation, not one bit.

“My turn to get you off,” Mark was saying affectionately to Brenda.

“I’ll show you a brand-new way,” she smiled. “It’s called pussy-eating.”

Their relationship couldn’t be very old, Gil thought, if Brenda hadn’t even taught the boy how to give head. Having her pussy eaten was one of Brenda’s very favorite things. Gil could have kicked himself when he realized how long it had been since he’d gone down on her. No wonder she’d turned to their son for the lovemaking and attention she needed.

Now she was stretching out on her back, bending her knees, and opening her legs wide, exposing the luscious-looking pink flesh of her slit. Gil drooled at the sight of it. He wished he could do the job for her. But because of his neglect, somebody else was going to do it – his own teenaged son. Mark followed her instructions and went belly-down between her legs, his face just an inch from her moist gash.

“Here’s where I like to be licked best, honey,” Brenda said, folding back the lush dark fur of her bush and showing the boy her pea-size clit.

Mark stuck out his tongue arid began clumsily licking the supersensitive bud. With Brenda’s patient instruction, it wasn’t long before he sot a good steady rhythm going and was giving her the hot jolts of pleasure she was after. Brenda lay back and gurgled and sighed with enjoyment, and a river of silvery cream leaked from her cunt and trickled down the crack of her ass.

“Mmmmmm, yes, baby, that’s just right,” she sighed. “Keep doing that, don’t stop.”

Gil was drooling as he watched. In his wild rush to make money, he’d forgotten the tangy taste of his wife’s slit and how he loved to drive her to ecstasy with his tongue and lips. It had been way too long since he’d done that for her, and it was no wonder she was getting it from somebody else. Again Gil couldn’t blame her a bit. It was just kind of a shock that the partner she’d chosen was their own son.

Yet the more Gil thought about it, the more sense it made. Brenda was a gorgeous woman, with a fantastic body, and he’d already noticed the way Mark ogled her when he thought nobody was looking. It had amused Gil that the boy’s hungry eyes were always focused on Brenda’s pouting mound, shapely ass, or big thrusting tits. It wasn’t so amusing now. The horny kid had been right there, ready and willing, when Brenda couldn’t stand her sexual frustration any longer.

“Mmmmmm, honey, I love it,” she moaned as Mark’s busy tongue lashed her clit. “I want you to suck it now, suck me off.”

Mark eagerly caught her swollen joy button between his lips and began to suck, an obscene wet noise that drove Gil to a fever pitch of arousal. All too often he’d had that throbbing lump of flesh between his lips, sucking loudly, taking Brenda over the edge into a body-rocking climax. He wanted so much to be doing that right now, but he’d blown his chance.

“Unnnhhh, yesss,” Brenda hissed, “suck real hard, baby, keep going.”

She screwed her eyes shut, and her pretty face contorted as she hurtled toward climax! Red-hot blasts of pleasure shot from her clit each time Mark sucked the tender bud, and molten juice poured from her cunt, soaking his bobbing chin. She clawed the bed and arched her body, greedily shoving her clit hard between his lips.

“Oooooooo, shit, suck meee,” she wailed. Gil almost came from listening to her and watching her. He knew he hadn’t gotten her that aroused and excited in months. Their teenage son was taking the time to do the job right, and he was sucking her into ecstasy just the way Gil should have been doing if he wanted to please his lovely wife. Gil vowed to himself that he’d never let Brenda go horny again. But would he get a chance to prove that to her?

“Ohhhhh, Mark, honey, that’s it, I’m coming!” she howled.

Her big-titted body began to buck so hard that Mark couldn’t stay on target. Her clit whipped from his lips, and he drew back a little to watch her coming. Her luscious tits wobbled like crazy, and a thick flood of come-juice gushed from the tiny fur-fringed opening of her cunt. Mark watched her hungrily, his young cock stiffening again.

Gil saw that rowing hard-on and almost moaned with frustration. He needed his turn with Brenda, but it looked as if he wasn’t going to get it for quite awhile. Brenda’s violent orgasm lasted for almost a minute, and then she finally opened her lust-glazed eyes and looked at Mark with a grateful smile. Her satisfaction was obvious.

“Honey, I loved that,” she sighed. “You sure are a fast learner.”

Mark beamed with pride. “Teach me more, Mom,” he begged. “I wanta know all about pussy-eating.”

Naturally Brenda wasn’t going to turn down a deal like that. “Okay, honey,” she grinned, “I’ll show you another good way to get a woman off.”

This time she showed him how to tonguefuck. Gil was going out of his mind with need as he watched. She had Mark make his tongue long and stiff, then cram it into her cunt, clear to the root. She showed the boy how to use his stiff tongue like a cock, hammering it in and out of her juicy box. Mark quickly got the idea. Gil could tell that his son was a natural-born pussy-eater, a chip off the old block.

“Unnnnhhh, baby, that’s wonderful,” Brenda gurgled, “just keep doing that.”

She lay stretched out on her back, her long legs bent and wide open. Mark’s head bobbed furiously between, her thighs. His gleaming wet tongue pistoned in and out of her little furfringed cunt mouth, making an obscene sucking noise that added to Gil’s arousal and frustration. As. Brenda’s face twisted into a lusty grimace, he knew the kid was doing damned good. The little rascal was going to get her off like crazy.

“Qooooo, baby, I love it, I love it,” she howled.

Gil thought about banging his head against the wall to distract him from his frantic horniness, but that would disturb Brenda and Mark. About all he could do for relief was jack off, but be didn’t want to compromise. He wanted to hammer his tongue in his wife’s delicious little cunt, then fuck her brains out. He wanted to plunge his cock into the molten velvety depths of her cunt, not into his own dry fist.

But that just wasn’t possible. Brenda’s snug pussy was occuped already by their son’s hammering tongue. Brenda clawed the bed and whimpered with pleasure as the slippery meat crammed her box again and again. From the hungry gobbling and snuffling noises he was making, it was obvious that Mark loved the hot tangy taste of her gushing cream.

“Yes, baby, eat me,” Brenda moaned, “fuck me with that big ol’ tongue.”

Mother and son were perfectly content with each other, and there didn’t seem to be any room for Gil in that happy picture. It was his own damned fault, of course, for neglecting both of them, but he couldn’t help feeling left out and lonely. There just had to be some way to get back with his family again. But what would he do about this incestuous little affair he was witnessing? Could he let mother and son go on being lovers? Gil debated these questions as he watched Mark tongue-fuck Brenda to the very brink of climax.

“Ohhhhhh, Mark, I’m gonna come,” she gurgled. “Do it to me real hard now, honey, as hard as you can.”

Mark eagerly obeyed, his head bobbing with lightning speed. His spearing tongue made an obscene wet sucking noise as it reamed the thick juices from his mom’s twat. Her face contorted with ecstasy, her eyes tightly closed, Brenda howled and writhed. As she soaked the boy’s face with her spurting cream, Gil longed to be in his son’s place, taking that sizzling flood.

He couldn’t believe how lusty she was, how violent her need was. She was even more neglected than he’d thought. He’d been aware that he wasn’t fucking her enough, but he hadn’t realized till now that her lust was battled up like floodwaters behind a weakening dam. Now it was raging loose, and she had no control of it. She was so horny, so desperate, that she’d become the lover of her own teenaged son.

“Baby, it’s happening, I’m coming!” she screamed.

Again her tall body rocked so hard that Mark couldn’t stay on target. She wrenched off the impalement of his tongue and bucked hard, her lovely big tits wobbling and bouncing. Mark rose to his knees and watched her, his eyes hot with lust. His prick was so stiff by now, it was hugging his belly and drooling thick streams of juice. Obviously Mark wasn’t finished making love to his mother, not by a long shot.

Brenda came down from her climax and opened her eyes, and the first thing she focused on was Mark’s rigid drooling cock. “Baby,” she breathed, “we’ll just have to do something about that, won’t we?”