Ellen Schultz. Retirement Heist


Chapter 1. SIPHON. How Companies Plunder the Pension Piggy Banks

Chapter 2. HEIST. Replenishing Pension Assets by Cutting Benefits

Chapter 3. PROFIT CENTER. How Pension and Retiree Health Plans Boost Earnings

Chapter 4. HEALTH SCARE. Inflating Retiree Health Liabilities to Boost Profits

Chapter 5. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT. Swapping Populations of Retirees for Cash And Profits

Chapter 6. WEALTH TRANSFER. The Hidden Burden of Spiraling Executive Pensions and Pay

Chapter 7. DEATH BENEFITS. How Dead Peasants Help Finance Executive Pay

Chapter 8. UNFAIR SHARES. Using Employees’ Pensions to Finance Executive Liabilities

Chapter 9. PROJECT SUNSHINE. A Human Resources Plot to Dissolve Retiree Benefits

Chapter 10. TWILIGHT ZONE. How Employers Use Pension Law to Thwart Retirees

Chapter 11. IN DENIAL. Incentives to Withhold Benefits

Chapter 12. EPITAPH. The Games Continue