Dave Barry. Dave Barry Slept Here


Chapter One. Deflowering A Virgin Continent

Chapter Two. Spain Gets Hot

Chapter Three. England Starts Some Fun Colonies

Chapter Four. The Colonies Develop A Life-Style

Chapter Five. The Birthing Contractions Of A Nation

Chapter Six. Kicking Some British Butt

Chapter Seven. The Forging Of A Large, Wasteful Bureaucracy

Chapter Eight. A Brash Young Nation Gets Into Wars And Stuff

Chapter Nine. Barging Westward

Chapter Ten. The Civil War: A Nation Pokes Itself In The Eyeball

Chapter Eleven. The Nation Enters Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve. Groping Toward Empire

Chapter Thirteen. Deep International Doo-Doo

Chapter Fourteen. A Nation Gets Funky

Chapter Fifteen. Severe Economic Bummerhood

Chapter Sixteen. Major Nonhumorous Events Occur

Chapter Seventeen. International Tension City

Chapter Eighteen. The Fifties: Peace, Prosperity, Brain Death

Chapter Nineteen. The Sixties: A Nation Gets High And Has Amazing Insights, Many Of Which Later On Turn Out To Seem Kind Of Stupid

Chapter Twenty. The Seventies: A Relieved Nation Learns That It Does Not Actually Need A President

Chapter Twenty-One. The Reagan-Bush Years: Napping Toward Glory