Dave Barry. The Taming Of The Screw



Chapter 1. Tools: Why They Want To Injure You, And How To Thwart Them

Chapter 2.Wood: If God Had Wanted Us To Use It, He Wouldn

Chapter 3. Electricity: You Can Safely Do Your Own Wiring, Most Likely

Chapter 5. Walls: Paneling, And Other Common Mistakes

Chapter 6. Heating And Cooling

Chapter 7. Insulation And Weather Proofing

Chapter 8. Masonry: At Last, A Practical Use For Maine

Chapter 9. Easy Projects: Getting Off To A Slow Start

Chapter 10. Impossible Projects: How To Build A Hot Tub And A Hotter Computer

Chapter 11. Household Pests: Getting Tough With Toads

Chapter 12. The Lawn And Garden: Why All The Plants In Your Garden Hate You, And How To Win Their Respect

Chapter 13. Car Repair

Chapter 14. Redecorate Your House In A Day: And Stick