Chris McCain. Mastering VMware® Infrastructure3


Chapter 1. Introducing VMware Infrastructure 3

Chapter 2. Planning and Installing ESX Server

Chapter 3. Creating and Managing Virtual Networks

Chapter 4. Creating and Managing Storage Devices

Chapter 5. Installing and Configuring VirtualCenter 2.0

Chapter 6. Creating and Managing Virtual Machines

Chapter 7. Migrating and Importing Virtual Machines

Chapter 8. Configuring and Managing Virtual Infrastructure Access Controls

Chapter 9. Managing and Monitoring Resource Access

Chapter 10. High Availability and Business Continuity

Chapter 11. Monitoring Virtual Infrastructure Performance

Chapter 12. Securing a Virtual Infrastructure

Chapter 13. Configuring and Managing ESXi

Appendix A. The Bottom Line

Appendix B. Common Linux and ESX Commands

Appendix C. Third-Party Virtualization Tools

Appendix D. VMware Infrastructure 3 Best Practices