Paul Thurrott. Windows 8 Secrets


Chapter 1. Choosing Windows 8 Versions, PCs and Devices, and Hardware

Chapter 2. Installing and Upgrading to Windows 8

Chapter 3. Metro: The New User Experience

Chapter 4. (Still) Alive and Kicking: The Windows Desktop

Chapter 5. Make It Yours: Personalizing Windows 8

Chapter 6. Windows Store: Finding, Acquiring, and Managing Your Apps

Chapter 7. Browsing the Web with Internet Explorer 10

Chapter 8. Get It Done with Windows 8’s Productivity Apps

Chapter 9. Relaxing with Windows 8’s Photo and Entertainment Apps

Chapter 10. Xbox Games with Windows 8

Chapter 11. Storage, Backup, and Recovery

Chapter 12. Accounts and Security

Chapter 13. Networking and Connectivity

Chapter 14. Windows 8 for Business

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