James Cabell. The Cords of Vanity. A Comedy of Shirking


The Prologue: Which Deals with the Essentials

1. He Sits Out a Dance 

2. He Loves Extensively 

3. He Earns a Stick-pin 

4. He Talks with Charteris 

5. He Revisits Fairhaven and the Play 

6. He Chats Over a Hedge 

7. He Goes Mad in a Garden 

8. He Duels with a Stupid Woman 

9. He Puts His Tongue in His Cheek 

10. He Samples New Emotions 

11. He Postures Among Chimney-Pots 

12. He Faces Himself and Remembers 

13. He Baits Upon the Journey 

14. He Participates in a Brave Jest 

15. He Decides to Amuse Himself 

16. He Seeks for Copy 

17. He Provides Copy 

18. He Spends an Afternoon in Arden 

19. He Plays the Improvident Fool 

20. He Dines Out, Impeded by Superstitions 

21. He is Urged to Desert His Galley 

22. He Cleans the Slate 

23. He Reviles Destiny and Climbs a Wall 

24. He Reconciles Sentiment and Reason 

25. He Advances in the Attack on Selwoode 

26. He Assists in the Diversion of Birds 

27. He Calls, and Counsels, and Considers 

28. He Participates in Sundry Confidences 

29. He Allows the Merits of Imperfection 

30. He Gilds the Weather-Vane