Margaret Thatcher. The Downing Street Years, 1979-1990


CHAPTER I. 1. Over the Shop. First days and early decisions as Prime Minister

CHAPTER II. 1. Changing Signals. Domestic politics in the first six months — until the end of 1979

CHAPTER III. 1. Into the Whirlwind. Foreign affairs during the first eighteen months in 1979–1980

CHAPTER IV. 1. Not At All Right, Jack. The restructuring of British industry and trade union reform in 1979–1980

CHAPTER V. 1. Not for Turning. Politics and the economy in 1980–1981

CHAPTER VI. 1. The West and the Rest. The early reassertion of western — and British — influence in international affairs in 1981–1982

CHAPTER VII. 1. The Falklands War: Follow the Fleet. The attempts by diplomacy and the sending of the task force to regain the Falkland Islands — to the end of April 1982

CHAPTER VIII. 1. The Falklands: Victory. The battle for the Falklands in May and June 1982

CHAPTER IX. 1. Generals, Commissars and Mandarins. Meeting the military and political challenge of communism from the autumn of 1979 to the spring of 1983 

CHAPTER X. 1. Disarming the Left. Winning the arguments and formulating the policies for a second term — 1982–1983

CHAPTER XI. 1. Home and Dry. The background to and course of the 1983 general election campaign

CHAPTER XII. 1. Back to Normalcy. Politics, the economy and foreign affairs from the election to the end of 1983

CHAPTER XIII. 1. Mr Scargill’s Insurrection. The background to and course of the year-long miners’ strike of 1984 — 1985

CHAPTER XIV. 1. Shadows of Gunmen. The political and security response to IRA terrorism — 1979–1990

CHAPTER XV. 1. Keeps Raining all the Time. The mid-term political difficulties of 1985–1986

CHAPTER XVI. 1. Men to Do Business With. East-West relations during the second term — 1983–1987

CHAPTER XVII. 1. Putting the World to Rights. Diplomacy towards and visits to the Far East, the Middle East and Africa — 1984–1990

CHAPTER XVIII. 1. Jeux Sans Fronti?res. Relations with the European Community — 1984–1987

CHAPTER XIX. 1. Hat Trick. The preparations for and course of the 1987 general election campaign

CHAPTER XX. 1. An Improving Disposition. Reforms in education, housing and the Health Service; the situation in Scotland

CHAPTER XXI. 1. Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of Life. Family policy, the Arts, Broadcasting, Science and the Environment

CHAPTER XXII. 1. A Little Local Difficulty. The replacement of the rating system with the community charge

CHAPTER XXIII. 1. To Cut and to Please. Tax cuts, tax reform and privatization

CHAPTER XXIV. 1. Floaters and Fixers. Monetary policy, interest rates and the exchange rate

CHAPTER XXV. 1. The Babel Express. Relations with the European Community — 1987–1990

CHAPTER XXVI. 1. The World Turned Right Side Up. The fall of communism in eastern Europe, the reunification of Germany and the debate about the future of NATO — 1987–1990

CHAPTER XXVII. 1. No Time to Go Wobbly. The response to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990

CHAPTER XXVIII. 1. Men in Lifeboats. The background to and course of the 1990 Conservative Party leadership campaign — and resignation