Chris Cant. Writing Windows WDM Device Drivers


Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Big Picture

Chapter 3. Device Driver Design

Chapter 4. WDM Driver Environment

Chapter 5. Device Interfaces

Chapter 6. Testing and Debugging

Chapter 7. Dispatch Routines

Chapter 8. Plug and Play and Device Stacks

Chapter 9. Plug and Play Implementation

Chapter 10. Power Management

Chapter 11. Installation

Chapter 12. Windows Management Instrumentation

Chapter 13. Event Reporting

Chapter 14. DebugPrint

Chapter 15. WdmIo and PHDIo Drivers

Chapter 16. Hardware I/O IRP Queuing

Chapter 17. Interrupt-Driven I/O

Chapter 18. NT Hardware

Chapter 19. WDM System Drivers

Chapter 20. The Universal Serial Bus

Chapter 21. USB Driver Interface

Chapter 22. The Human Input Device Model

Chapter 23. HID Clients

Appendix A. Information Resources

Appendix B. PC 99