Robert Kershaw. War Without Garlands


Chapter 1. ‘The world will hold its breath’

Chapter 2. ‘Ordinary men’ – The German soldier on the eve of ‘Barbarossa’

Chapter 3. The Soviet frontier

Chapter 4. H-Hour 03.15

Chapter 5. The longest day of the year

Chapter 6. Waiting for news

Chapter 7. Blitzkrieg

Chapter 8. Smolensk

Chapter 9. Refocusing victory conditions

Chapter 10. A war without garlands

Chapter 11. ‘Kesselschlacht’ – victory without results

Chapter 12. ‘Victored’ to death

Chapter 13. The last victory

Chapter 14. ‘The eleventh hour’

Chapter 15. The spires of Moscow

Chapter 16. The devil loose before Moscow

Chapter 17. The order of the frozen flesh

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