Betsy Israel. Bachelor Girl


INTRODUCTION. I Think We’re Alone Now

CHAPTER ONE. The Classical Spinster: Redundants, The Singly Blessed, and The Early New Women

CHAPTER TWO. The Single Steps Out: Bowery Gals, Shoppies, and The Bohemian Bachelorette

CHAPTER THREE. Thin and Raging Things: New (New) Women, Gibson Goddesses, Flapping Ad Darlings, and the All-New Spinster in Fur

CHAPTER FOUR. The Suspicious Single: Job Stealers, The Riveting Rosie, And The Neurotic Husband Hunter

CHAPTER FIVE. The Secret Single: Runaway Bachelor Girls; Catching the Bleecker Street Beat and/or Blues at the Barbizon

CHAPTER SIX. The Swinging Single: Career Girls, The Autonomous Girl, The Pill Popper, and The Lone Female in Danger

CHAPTER SEVEN. Today’s Moderne Unmarried—her Times and Trials: Ice Queens of the Eighties and Nineties, Baby Brides, Slacker Spinsters, and The Singular Cry of the Wild: “Hey! Get Your Stroller Off My Sidewalk!”