Sherry Argov. Why Men Love Bitches


1. FROM DOORMAT. TO. Dreamgirl. Act Like a Prize and You’ll Turn. Him into a Believer

2. WHY MEN. Prefer. BITCHES. Cracking the Code:. What Every Nice Girl Needs to Know

3. THE. Candy. STORE. How to Make the Most of. Your Feminine and Sexual Powers

4. Dumb. LIKE A FOX. How to Convince Him He’s in. Control While You Run the Show

5. JUMPING THROUGH. Hoops. LIKE A CIRCUS POODLE. When Women Give Themselves. Away and Become Needy

6. NAGGING. No. MORE. What to Do When He Takes You for. Granted and Nagging Doesn’t Work

7. THE OTHER TEAM’S. Secret. “PLAYBOOK”. Things You Suspected. but Never Heard Him Say

8. KEEPING YOUR. Pink. SLIP. The Reasons That Holding Your Own. Financially Gives You Power

9. HOW TO. Renew. THE MENTAL CHALLENGE. How to Regain That “Spark”

10. THE. New AND Improved. BITCH. The Survival Guide for Women. Who Are Too Nice